As an addition to the off-road body kit - the roof attachment!

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Roof front spoiler Roof spoiler Roof attachment As an addition to the off-road body kit, the roof attachment!

The terms roof spoiler and roofcurb are very general names and many car enthusiasts immediately think of the familiar ones rear spoiler for the trunk or to the Spoiler, which is installed on the rear window of a sedan. However, the designations can also refer to a spoiler as a roof attachment "front" which can be equipped with additional lights, for example. This type of attachment is interesting for tuning enthusiasts who, for example, want to equip off-road vehicles with additional lighting and not just one lightbar want to screw on, but want to pack them elegantly. Roof spoilers and roof attachments for vehicles are discussed in more detail below.

Roof attachment for off-road vehicles

Brabus Mercedes G Class G 500 4x4² tuning 6x6 rims 9 As an addition to the off-road body kit the roof attachment!

For example, roof attachments for American cars such as the Dodge Ram are commercially available. Other vehicles such as the G-Class from Mercedes or the Ford F-150 can also be fitted with suitable roof attachments. Basically, you can buy such an attachment for almost every car. It's just not always visually fitting. But everyone should decide for themselves. Stylish variants can be purchased that are shaped like a roof spoiler for the front roof area or components that stand out from the rest with a completely different shape. The roof spoilers are often equipped with lamps and are attached so that additional headlights are available after installation. If you are looking for less stylish variants that can be purchased as a lamp kit at reasonable prices, then you are in the right place with an LED lamp kit, for example from Sunvisor. The LED lamp kit can be used almost universally. However, dimensions and installation options should be considered before buying. The additional lighting in the front area of ​​the roof is particularly interesting for off-road vehicles.

Roof lighting through roof spoiler - what is that good for?

BRABUS SHADOW 800 Mercedes G63 AMG MJ. 2019 Tuning 30 As an addition to the off-road body kit, the roof attachment!

Lighting for mounting in the roof area at the front is known and popular with off-road vehicles. The lighting is also referred to as position lighting and is used by off-roaders to more easily identify obstacles in the terrain and generally to obtain better illumination. The articles are not only available under the name roof attachment and roof spoiler. They can also be found in stores under the term roof panel. Roof panels are the same as a complete set, for example from the German tuner Brabus for the Mercedes G-Class, available with appropriate bulbs. As a rule, modern LED lamps are used. But the roof spoilers and roof attachments are not only suitable as position lights for off-road vehicles. They are also available in stylish versions and contribute to the impressive exterior of the vehicle in combination with a body kit. Especially when all lighting elements are activated, the off-road vehicle looks significantly more powerful and impressive.

Roof panels as a means of visual enhancement

Roof spoilers or roof trims can not only be used as a means of upgrading for off-road vehicles. Like many other tuning parts, the articles are also available for other vehicle types and are intended to set the tuned vehicle apart from other vehicles. When buying and installing, you should pay attention to what lighting is allowed for off-road vehicles and other vehicles. Manufacturers should indicate whether registration is necessary or whether the operating license expires when the cultivation takes place. Approval for road traffic should be clarified.

Materials for the roof attachment or roof spoiler

Lighting kits for the front of the roof can be made of different materials. Simple fastening systems can be made of plastic materials, for example. Roof spoilers with lighting are also available in paintable fiberglass and can be purchased to fit certain car models. The paintable variants have the advantage that they can be optimally adapted to the individual vehicle tuning. When purchasing, you should definitely pay attention to perfect mounting options.

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Tailgate step T Step Man Step Tuning e1582617284862 310x165 As an addition to the off-roader body kit the roof attachment!

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Differentialk% C3% BChler Diffk% C3% BChlung Tuning e1582613608692 310x165 As an addition to the Offroader Bodykit the roof attachment!

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iDisc tungsten carbide brake disc 2 310x165 As an addition to the off-road body kit the roof attachment!

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