Moldings for the car - The advantages and the possibilities


A noble design, an elegant look or a sporty cut, you lend your vehicle with the matching trim. The following article deals with the different ways to attach decorative or trim strips on the vehicle and with the different versions. In addition, you will find out which manufacturers are on the market and whether certain models of trims are perhaps even prohibited on public roads.

New trim for the car?

Anyone who wants to upgrade their vehicle sustainably can give the car the "finishing touch" with the help of decorative strips. Whether elegant, sporty or luxurious, with the right model, you can help your vehicle look good. If you too want to spruce up your car and not spend a lot of money on it, then you can create an excellent look with individual trim strips. Do you want to protect your body and maybe even go off-road more often? Often a simple one is enough edge protection not from. But no problem, you can rely on sturdy protective strips and provide your car with the bumpers.

Which trim models are there to buy?

You can use moldings for the Inside- and buy for the outdoor area and thus provide a wide variety of body parts with a decorative strip. For example, you can equip your headlights, doors, windows, the tailgate or the bumper with discreet decorative strips. Choose elegant variants such as strips made of chrome, wood, carbon fiber or strips made of aluminum with a brushed look. Refine your vehicle with details and attach a spoiler lip, for example, to give your car an individual character. If you only want to replace existing moldings, there are many manufacturers who offer appropriate replacement sets. The trim strips are clipped onto the corresponding body parts, but of course you have to remove the trim, bumper and protective strips that are attached as standard.

What do you have to pay attention to?

You can choose from a variety of moldings. Beautify the interior and exterior of your car. But before you buy any trim, you should make sure that you choose a vehicle-compatible trim. It should as far as possible fit the factory attachment points. For example, on the doors of your vehicle save Moldings installed at the factory, so you should, if you want them, make sure that the strips are exclusively glued from the accessories. Bolt-on trims require the drilling of holes, which is a weak point for rust. Also pay attention to the customer reviews and seek a seller of your trust. Familiarize yourself with the trim assembly in advance, by watching helpful videos on the Internet. Some sellers will offer you a reconciliation with the vehicle ID number to ensure the correct delivery.

Are there any forbidden trim models?

All luminous models that emit light to the outside are prohibited in Germany. And of course nothing is allowed that is sharp-edged or protruding to a point. In case of doubt, a short e-mail to the seller will help to answer questions in a forum or call TÜV / Dekra & Co.. The respective guidelines are also clearly laid out in the catalog of fines.

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