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1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

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1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

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On the popularity scale of real US car fans, the classics from the 1950s are nowhere near as high as the muscle cars from the 1970s. This is largely due to the fact that the automobiles from the 50s have significantly less power and were largely not equipped with large-volume V8 supercharged engines. But in terms of things Tuning The USA is known to be the land of unlimited possibilities, which is why there are various resourceful tuners who create real cream pieces from the often misunderstood models of the late 1950s. It almost doesn't matter which US brand it is, because the clever screwdrivers conjure up unique features from all models of this era Restomod projects. Now we want you a 1956 Pontiac Star Chief imagine working from scratch restauriert, and in which every small screw and every millimeter of the sheet metal has been renewed.

Custom car for fresh air fans.

Besides the obvious Stance tuning, which lays the body of the car almost on the floor, also became the Windshield choppedto achieve better aerodynamics. The brilliant ones Chrome bumpersthat have the full '50s flair have been better integrated into the body for a more streamlined look. In addition, held a modern LED daytime running lights Indentation, which is made up of two small, round light-emitting diodes hidden in the front bumper. The Suspension is by the way a chassis from Roadster Shop and owns one Smart Air suspension all around. Thus, the driving comfort is beyond any doubt, and the driving safety of the car is not neglected either.

1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

The Rims des Pontiacs come from the company EVOD, and measure 20 × 9 inches on the front axle, while 22 × 12 inch rims are mounted on the rear axle. The rims are gigantic for a Restomod, and they ensure that the Pontiac has a unique look. Of course, the vehicle was too newly painted, and we think that the dark shade of blue looks great on him. With this 1956 Pontiac, you will undoubtedly be an absolute eye-catcher at every US car meeting and will certainly be immediately addressed by the audience about your car.

The interior has been restored in a contemporary way.

There are no gimmicks in the cockpit, such as digital instruments or a large monitor, but the classic ambience has been retained to guarantee an authentic driving experience. So you get an oldie flair in the convertible that you don't get in modern automobiles. The flair is through caramel-colored seats , and a caramel-colored dashboard transported. The Deep pile overmats Incidentally, are kept in the same shade of blue as the exterior paintwork. The convertible top does not take up this color scheme and was left in classic black.

A V8 heart beats under the bonnet.

The V8 enginethat powers the Pontiac 6,8 liter displacement, and one Whipple compressor. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the exact performance, but it should be sufficient to conjure up a storm hairstyle for the occupants if necessary. This car that 1 million euros should cost, but it is far too good to set new speed records with it, or to burn it up on the quarter mile.

1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

Conclusion on the Pontiac "The Chief" from 1956:

A mad project that you definitely can't tell how valuable it really is and how many hours of work it went into. The road to this restomod was probably a long and rocky path, which is why the immensely high price that is set for the vehicle is, in our opinion, justified. If you like the project, you can take a look at the appropriate picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

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1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

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1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

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