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Bugatti Chiron L'Ébé – For the first time, the Chiron has decorative parts made of 24-carat gold

01 BUGATTI Chiron L Be 24k gold

Bugatti has risen to the challenge and for the first time in the Chiron L'Ébé is decorating parts with a 24-carat gold coating. It is also the first time ever that the famous Bugatti emblem will shine in high quality gold on the horseshoe grille. Only three handcrafted hyper sports cars will receive a macaron in this unique design inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1920s of the last century.

Bugatti Chiron L'Ebé

Bugatti spent more than five years developing the new golden macaron, which now adorns the elegant front of the Chiron L'Ébé, together with the experts from Poellath GmbH & Co. KG Münz- und Prägewerk from Bavaria. The two teams were only able to achieve the perfect result of this incomparable craftsmanship with extremely complex material research, extensive laboratory tests, numerous experiments and passionate attention to detail.

04 BUGATTI Chiron L Be 24k gold

The solid macaron made of 970 sterling silver, which is normally found on the Chiron models and is nickel-plated in a lengthy process, served as the basis. The material nickel serves as a basis and at the same time as corrosion protection for the later gold coating. The experts then apply a thin layer of gold between three and four micrometers to the macaron and polish the component to a high gloss. This process, which is largely done by hand, takes more than ten hours.

“Our customers want the extraordinary. That's why we're constantly thinking about what fits the quality standards of the brand and how we can implement it. With the gold macaron on the horseshoe grille and the other golden elements on the vehicle, we can offer our customers something that they can only get from Bugatti,” says Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles. So that the gold elements can also radiate their full brilliance, Bugatti has dispensed with a clear coat.

08 BUGATTI Chiron L Be 24k gold

Ettore Bugatti himself came up with the idea for the oval shape of the emblem with white lettering on a red background. Towards the end of 1909, the company founder attached an oval plaque made of enameled metal to the radiator grille of the Bugatti Type 13. Everyone should be able to recognize immediately: this is a Bugatti. In addition to the name lettering and the initials "EB" (for Ettore Bugatti) above it, the emblem also includes 60 red dots around the entire edge. According to legend, the dots symbolize pearls, which stood for prosperity and independence in the early 20th century. In truth, it was wires that fixed the mechanical parts together as a kind of cotter pin. For Ettore Bugatti, the reliability and longevity of his automobiles were important throughout his life. Over the years, the macaron has changed only slightly.

With the Chiron L'Ébé, Bugatti has refined other elements of the exterior with gold in addition to the macaron. The decorative frame of the horseshoe at the front, the EB emblem on the tank and oil cap and the EB emblem on the rear are all gold-plated. The biggest challenge was the sheer size of the horseshoe. With its dimensions of over 44 cm long and 40 cm wide, the gold surface is most present here. In order to be able to apply the gold flawlessly and absolutely evenly, the highest level of expertise and experience in this refinement process is required.

06 BUGATTI Chiron L Be 24k gold

Three minimalistic, filigree, but nevertheless concise gold-colored lines run from the front to the rear over the body painted in "Blue Royal" carbon and provide an impressive contrast. The "Blue Royal" visible carbon looks elegant and sporty and is reminiscent of Ettore Bugatti's noble touring models. With the gold accents, Bugatti emphasizes the elementary contours of the Chiron. The lines of the brand are inspired by the design of the Type 57 G Tank racing car that won the 1937 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thanks to the special, gold-painted engine cover, Bugatti's famous 8,0-liter W16 drive once again shines in all its glory in these final Chiron models. The underside of the rear wing is adorned with golden L'Ébé lettering.

The interior in the color combination "Silk"/"Lake Blue" is matched to the exterior. The L'Ébé lettering on the headrests and the insert in the center console make it clear who the vehicle is dedicated to. In the door panels of the L'Ébé, Bugatti is celebrating the highlights of its more than 110-year history with an impressive design sketch: from the Chiron, Veyron 16.4, EB 110, Type 57 SC Atlantic to the Type 35 - on the driver's side as a black drawing on a light background, on the passenger side as a light drawing on a dark blue background.

05 BUGATTI Chiron L Be 24k gold

The Chiron L'Ébé is named after Ettore Bugatti's eldest daughter. Born in 1903, L'Ébé had more insight into the origins of the brand than anyone else. Ettore hid his initials "EB" in her first name to inseparably link her name and his own. In her later book The Story of Bugatti, a biography of her famous father, she gave detailed insights into the history of the company and her father. Like all fashionable women of the time, she too was addicted to Art Deco style. Bugatti is now honoring her by naming its last three Chiron models after her.

"L'Ébé Bugatti's biography about her father helped us to understand Ettore's personality, his goals and his place at the time. With this knowledge, we were able to transfer the Bugatti DNA to the present day," says Hendrik Malinowski, explaining the unusual choice of name. "With this special configuration and the use of her first name for the last three Chiron and Chiron Sport² models, we want to honor L'Ébé and give her the place in our brand's history that she deserves."

03 BUGATTI Chiron L Be 24k gold

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Bugatti Chiron L'Ébé – For the first time, the Chiron has decorative parts made of 24-carat gold
Photo credit: Bugatti

Gold is one of the most precious materials in the world. And that makes it a perfect match for Bugatti. However, the 24-karat precious metal is rarely used in automobile construction, because the finest gold, with a proportion of 99,9 percent, is soft, valuable and difficult to process.

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