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Small steam hammer: The Mercedes-Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

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Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

Powerful proportions with short overhangs and off-road-oriented design as well as optional 4MATIC all-wheel drive and a special off-road light that helps detect obstacles in front of the vehicle at low speeds - the new Mercedes-Benz GLB is a versatile SUV. And a spacious family car: Upon request, it is the first Mercedes-Benz in this segment available as a seven-seater. The two seats in row three can be used by persons up to 1,68 meter body size. With powerful and efficient four-cylinder engines, up-to-date driver assistance systems with cooperative driver support, the intuitive MBUX infotainment system and comprehensive comfort control ENERGIZING Comfort, the new GLB (length / width / height: 4.634 / 1.834 / 1.658 millimeter) has all the strengths of the current compact-class generation from Mercedes-Benz. Also at the start: the new Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 4MATIC as an unrivaled alternative in the compact SUV segment. "Now every third Mercedes-Benz is an SUV, every fourth a compact car. So a compact SUV like the GLB combines all the success factors of our two highest-volume segments ", says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales.

seven seats also in the AMG version

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

"In addition, the GLB has some special features that we have not yet offered our customers in this segment, such as seven seats." "Its iconic design gives the Mercedes-Benz GLB (X 247) a distinctive SUV character," said Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG. "The clear design with reduced lines and powerful surfaces conveys our design philosophy of sensual clarity." With 2.829 millimeters, the GLB has ten centimeters more wheelbase than, for example, the new B-Class. Together with the function-oriented Greenhouse, this is decisive for the generous space available. The headroom in the first row of seats is 1.069 millimeters - a best value in this segment. With 967 millimeters, the effective legroom in the rear of the five-seater achieves a particularly comfortable level. The luggage compartment volume has with 570 to 1.805 liters (data for the five-seater) qualities of a Kombis. The backrests are standard in several stages in the inclination adjustable, on request, the second row of seats in length is displaced. As a result, the boot can be increased in various steps by up to 190 liters and used in many ways. More on variability see next page.

the eighth model of the compact car family

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

The new GLB will be manufactured at the Aguascalientes plant in Mexico and for the Chinese market in Beijing. The market launch is planned for end 2019. With the new GLB, the Mercedes-Benz compact car family consists of eight models: AKlasse, A-Class Saloon and A-Class Saloon Long Version, B-Class, CLA Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake and the GLA are already on the market. 2018 received a compact model from 609.000 customers worldwide. Since the launch of the first A-Class 1997, more than seven million vehicles in this segment have been delivered by Mercedes-Benz worldwide.

all around - that's the GLB 35 4Matic

On request, the GLB is the first compact vehicle from Mercedes-Benz to have a third row of seats with two additional individual seats. The seats comfortably accommodate people up to a height of 1,68 meters. Extensive safety features include pull-out headrests, seat belts with pretensioners and force limiters on all outside seats, a side window bag that also covers third-row passengers, and ISOFIX and TOP tether attachments for child seats. With this, two and three up to four child seats can be mounted in the row of seats. Comfort details in the third row are two drink holders between the seats as well as two storage compartments with rubberized inserts left and right in the cargo compartment panel, each equipped with a USB charging socket (type C). To extend the luggage compartment, the seats can be sunk flush in the cargo floor.

Offroad-oriented: the exterior design

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

The powerful proportions of the GLB underline the offroad-oriented design: The design is area-emphasized and works with reduced lines and precise joints. This conveys sovereign sportiness and modernity. The upright front end with the distinctive headlights also testifies to off-road genes as the short overhangs front and rear. The muscular and sensually modeled vehicle shoulder dominates the side view, which is additionally reinforced by the rise of the curb at the height of the C-pillar. On the one hand, the doors that reach over the sill increase entry-level comfort, while on the other hand they keep the door cutouts free from contamination and increase impact protection in the event of a side crash. Circling and protective claddings divide the overall proportion and emphasize as the optical underrun protection front and rear off-road character. The modified roof railing is made of polished aluminum.

With high-quality aluminum details: the interior design

The instrument panel consists of a single body, which receives a cutout in the driver and passenger area. In front of the driver is a widescreen cockpit, operation and presentation are via MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). New is the off-road-like tubular element in aluminum look, which sits on the passenger side in the dashboard. Underneath the circular center nozzles next to them is the climate control unit, whose keys give the impression that they have been milled out of an aluminum cylinder. The robust character of the interior continues in the center console as well. Here, too, pipe elements impart a constructive hold to the components and operating elements in said milling optics. On the doors, the SUV character is underlined by the horizontal handle, which fits powerfully from the equipment line Progressive also like a milled aluminum tube in the overall sculpture of the door paneling.

Spot on for stick and stone: the off-road light function

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

Upon request, GLB LED high-performance headlights and MULTIBEAM LED headlights are available. The latter enable extremely fast and precisely electronically controlled adaptation of the driving light to the current traffic situation. As an option, there are also fog lights with LED technology. They spread the light wider than the main headlights and thus illuminate the edge areas better. Their low position in the front bumper helps reduce glare. 4MATIC models with a large media display feature the off-road technology package. In combination with MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, these models have a special off-road light. This makes it easier to detect obstacles in rough terrain in the dark. With off-road light, the cornering light of the MULTIBEAM LED headlights is permanently switched on both sides up to a speed of 50 km / h. This results in a broad and bright light distribution in front of the vehicle.

the technical details

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

The GLB benefits from the technical highlights of the current compact-class generation of Mercedes-Benz. These include in particular:

  • The four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, which were completely renewed for the new edition of the compact series: In comparison with the previous generation, they are characterized by significantly increased specific power, improved efficiency and lower emissions. Entry into the petrol range is the GLB 200 (fuel consumption combined 6,2-6,0 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions combined 142-137 g / km) with cylinder deactivation (for details see The models in the overview, next page).
  • The driver assistance systems with cooperative driver assistance and S-Class functional scope: the GLB is able to anticipate up to 500 m thanks to improved camera and radar systems and drive semi-automatically in certain situations. This includes, for example, the comfortable adjustment of the speed before curves, intersections or roundabouts through the DISTRONIC Active Distance Assistance using map and navigation data. In addition, among other things as a new function of the Active Steering Assist an intuitively understandable Active Lane Change Assistant. If the Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC is also on board, the GLB has the function of extended automatic restart on motorways.
  • The comfort suspension: The front of the GLB McPherson struts, rear acoustic and vibration-decoupled multi-link axle with coil springs. On request, adaptive damping is available. With this, the driver can switch between the DYNAMIC SELECT switch between more comfort or particularly sporty tuning.
  • The intuitively operated infotainment system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience): The powerful computer, brilliant screens and graphics, customizable display, full-color head-up display, navigation with augmented reality, adaptive software and with the keyword "Hey Mercedes" activated voice control are the main advantages of the system.
  • The ENERGIZING comfort control system: It networks various comfort systems in the vehicle and uses light and music moods as well as various massages for different wellness programs. The ENERGIZING COACH recommends these programs situationally. When the Mercedes-Benz vivoactive® 3 Smartwatch or other compatible Garmin® Wearable is integrated, personal values ​​such as stress level or sleep quality enhance the recommendation.

more traction: the 4MATIC all-wheel drive

On request, the GLB is equipped with the permanently operational 4MATIC all-wheel system with fully variable torque distribution. The sporty all-wheel drive offers the driver via the DYNAMIC SELECT switch the possibility to influence the characteristics of the 4MATIC. There are three maps available for controlling the all-wheel drive, but the system responds flexibly to the current driving situation in each mode. In regular driving mode, for the driving program "Eco / Comfort" a distribution of 80: 20 (front axle: rear axle) is the basis, in "Sport" of 70: 30. In off-road mode, the four-wheel drive is used as a longitudinal lock, the basic distribution is uniform 50: 50.

Useful in the field: the off-road technology package

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

In addition to the off-road light (see here), the off-road technology package includes an additional driving program. This adapts the power delivery of the engine, the characteristics of the 4MATIC and the ABS control for easy off-tarmac terrain. It can be activated via the DYNAMIC SELECT rocker switch.

Further components of the off-road technology package:

  • In the media display, an animation of the driving situation can be called up. The realistic representation of inclination, inclination angle and technical settings helps to better estimate driving maneuvers.
  • The Downhill-Speed-Regulation (DSR) downhill help automatically maintains a preselected, slow speed between approx. 2 and 18 km / h, readable in the instrument display and in the optional head-up display. With targeted braking interventions, the assistant helps to maintain control on steep downhill runs.

Powerful and efficient: the engines

The new GLB draws on the four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, which were completely renewed for the new edition of the compact series. Compared to the previous generation, they are characterized by significantly increased specific performances, improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

The entry into the petrol range is the 282 M 1,33 with 200 liter displacement in the GLB XNUMX. For efficient partial load operation, this engine has a cylinder deactivation.

the top model - the AMG 35 4MATIC

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

The two-liter engine M 260 the GLB 250 4MATIC (fuel consumption combined 7,4-7,2 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions combined 169-165 g / km) in its engine block made of aluminum die-cast cylinder liners made of cast iron, which in the lower part by expand the CONICSHAPE® principle. Internally, the machining process of the cylinder bore is clearly called "trumpet honing". This reduces the friction of the pistons and reduces fuel consumption. In the four-valve cylinder head made of aluminum, the variable valve control CAMTRONIC enables a two-stage adjustment of the valve lift on the intake side.

The two-liter diesel (OM 654q) with 8G-DCT dual clutch transmission (fuel consumption combined 5,5-4,9 l / 100 km, CO2Emissionen combined 146-128 g / km) fulfilled thanks to a more developed exhaust aftertreatment already the RDE (Real Driving emission) of Level 2 and is certified according to Euro 6d.

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

(Photos: Mercedes-Benz)

Small steam hammer: The Mercedes Benz GLB AMG 35 4MATIC

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