1970 Plymouth Superbird Restomod with 900 Hellcat HP!

1970 Plymouth Superbird Restomod Hellcat Tuning 9

Today we have a Restomod for you, which is not based on one Mustang, Bronco, Challenger or Camaro was created, but uses a rare 1970 Plymouth Superbird as a basis. It's not quite as rare as that Charger Daytona, but it is one of the most exotic classic racing cars that you can still occasionally find from American production. Inspired by the spirit of motorsport, the classic racing car was built over 50 years ago in a limited edition of almost 2.000. And if you can believe unconfirmed statements, then there are still almost half of the exotic cars built back then. In the form of exhibition vehicles, project vehicles, restomods and also a few barn finds that are still waiting to be discovered, there should be.

Plymouth Superbird Restomod

Anyone embarking on such a classic car project knows that it is not an easy, let alone cheap, affair. Countless hours, a lot of money and a lot of work went into restoring such a legend. There are basically two types of restorers: those who rebuild a vehicle to preserve it in its original condition, and those who restore it restore and in the course of this equipped with modern amenities and the so-called Restomod rebuild. And a 1970 Plymouth Superbird as a restomod with insane 900 hp now has Sean from AutotopiaLA get in front of the lens. Incidentally, this Superbird is the vehicle of Salvaggio Auto Designs and the classic was just recently exhibited at the 2022 SEMA show. Thanks to the special BASF paintwork as a nod to the historic color "pretty blue", it is a true work of art.

brutal Hellcat engine

1970 Plymouth Superbird Restomod Hellcat Tuning 12

"The car was in such poor condition that the owner decided not to restore it to its original condition, but to completely rebuild a real 1970 Superbird"Sean reveals. The choice of engine for the classic racing car is the highlight. Because under the hood is a 900 hp, fully assembled Hellcat engine with demoncamshafts, Redeye compressor, CPP piston and larger injectors. The engine is coupled to the 8-speed Redeye automatic and the unique vehicle drives on a Detroit Speed ​​chassis. Of course, the classic is also in top condition in the cabin and also equipped with other modern amenities. What exactly was done can be seen in the following video. Enjoy watching!


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1970 Plymouth Superbird Restomod with 900 hp
Photo credit: Salvaggio Auto Designs et al
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