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Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 16

Electrifying homage to the most spectacular Renault athletes of all time: With the R5 Turbo 3E show car, Renault is commemorating the legendary Renault 5 Turbo and its successor, the Turbo 2. The battery-powered reinterpretation of the "backed turbo" is a further statement for the complete electrification of the brand bis model range 2030. It impresses with its striking silhouette, which takes up the features of the brute rear-wheel drive vehicle and deliberately exaggerates it. After the digital premiere, the 280 kW/380 hp show car inspired by video games will roll onto the stage at the "Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille" classic car show on September 25th, before being shown at the 17 Paris Motor Show from October 2022th will be.

Renault 5Turbo 3E

"The Renault 5 TURBO 3E combines high-tech design and exuberance with numerous nods to the world of car racing and video games. With this combination, the show car advances into the modern age and tears at the border between the real and virtual world. This all-electric 'drifter' proves that electric cars can be fun and perform,” says Gilles Vidal, Vice President Design at Renault.


The drive of the R5 TURBO 3E is uncompromisingly designed for power and racetrack performance: the pure two-seater uses the power of a fully electric rear-wheel drive for perfect drifting characteristics. Like its iconic predecessor, the powertrain is stored behind the front seats. It consists of two electric motors, each driving a rear wheel, while the batteries are housed centrally in the vehicle floor. The R5 TURBO 3E is based on a tubular frame, complemented by a flat floor and an FIA-approved roll bar. Together, the engines deliver 280 kW/380 hp and provide an immediately available torque of 700 Nm.

Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 5

The driving performance of the R5 TURBO 3E reads accordingly: The brute rear-wheel drive vehicle covers 100 meters from a standing start in just 3,5 seconds (3,9 seconds in drift mode), and has a top speed of 200 km/h. The 42 kWh battery provides enough capacity for several laps on the racetrack or a fast-paced Gymkhana drift course. The steering angle of more than 50 degrees makes it possible to avoid obstacles at lightning speed. In order to document fast-paced drift challenges, the R5 TURBO 3E has around ten mounts for cameras inside and out - for example in the recesses for the headlights and the exterior mirrors, which are perfect for top shots of the drift adventures.


"A work of art with exaggerated lines, inspired by the world of video games and inspired both inside and out by Renault 5 and Renault 5 Turbo". That was the brief given to the teams working with Sandeep Bhambra, Chief Designer for Renault Concept Cars, to design the R5 TURBO 3E. The result fully meets the requirements: the bonnet, the doors and the cockpit take up the shape of the previous models, but the body is made entirely of carbon fiber. This makes the R5 TURBO 3E an unmistakable part of the Renault 5 family. With a height of 1,32 meters, it corresponds to the R5 Turbo 2, but at a good four meters it is significantly longer. The pronounced jaws are even more noticeable: at 2,02 meters, the R5 Turbo E3 is another 25 centimeters wider than its ancestor.

Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 2

In addition, there is the huge rear wing, which presses the car to the ground even during the wildest drifts. The iconic air intakes of the Turbo 2 on the rear fenders have also been reinterpreted. The large air inlets on the front bumper of the R5 TURBO 3E help to cool the powertrain and provide additional downforce. The three vertical elements take up the independent look of the Renault 5 Turbo 2. The square fog lights are also a reference to "back then" - only now four lights, each with 16 LEDs instead of two headlights, ensure maximum light output.

Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 8

There are also pink, blue and yellow LED strips on the front and back that flash when drifting, giving a touch of the 1980s and 1990s video games. Retro video games also served as inspiration for the camouflage wrap that adorns the body. Finally, pink Plexiglas windows and the inscription "La vie en rose" on the left rear window add a humorous touch to the muscular show car. The air intake on the bonnet, which is also reminiscent of the Renault 5 Turbo 2, is by no means nostalgic – it houses the charging socket for the powerful battery. Transparent body parts – including those above the rear lights – allow an unobstructed view of the drive technology of the show car.


Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 13

The interior of the R5 TURBO 3E is also a cheerful combination of motorsport and video games, which also picks up elements from the Renault 5 and Renault 5 Turbo. The carbon fiber seat shells, seat belts and steering wheel are the result of a collaboration with Sabelt. The imposing, upright handbrake lever - a central element in drifter cars - is embedded in the center of the center console and sets another exclamation point with its trendy yellow tone. Further accents in the same yellow as well as in pink and grey-black checks as a reminiscence of the 1980s can be found on the seat covers and the dashboard. The check pattern creates a visual effect reminiscent of the Renault logo. The brand logo embedded in the steering wheel hub is backlit. The colorful accents contrast with the black cork floor and the Alcantara on the top of the dashboard and door panels.

Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 12

The designers reinterpreted yet another unmistakable characteristic of the R5 TURBO 2: They replaced the ten originally analogue displays with ten digital screens, which provide the driver of the R5 TURBO 3E with all the necessary information. They work like widgets and are inspired by pixel art and glitch art, which deliberately uses digital errors as an artistic device - another throwback to the universe of retro video games. To start the vehicle, the "Free Play" button on the center console is pressed. The different driving modes were also named according to this logic: "Turbo" (for drifting), "Track Invaders" (for playing), "Donut" (for 360° spins), etc.


Consistently corresponding to its virtual character traits, the R5 TURBO 3E is also embedded as a digital double in the Web 3.0 universe of virtual games. A collection of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) related to the show car is available on the decentralized Internet of blockchain-based online platforms and services. The owners of these digital assets can enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards.

Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 6


At its world premiere at the "Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille" classic car show, the R5 TURBO 3E combines the best of the world of tomorrow's automobile with the world of fashion. During the Concours d'elegance, the driver of the R5 TURBO 3E and his companion wear a newly designed collection by La Fameuse. The fashion designer transforms conventional clothing into sporty and at the same time elegant fashion highlights. The combinations combine classic hallmarks, colors and logos from the Renault universe with a resolutely modern style.

Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 4


Length4.006 mm
Width2.020 mm
Height1.320 mm
wheelbase2.540 mm
Overhang front / rear625 mm / mm 740
bicycles21 inch
landing gearTubular frame (+ flat bottom + FIA approved roll bar)
Tiresfront 225/35 R19 rear 325/25 R20
Weight980kg + 520kg battery
Power TypeElectric motor with 280 kW/380 hp
Torque max.700 Nm
top speed200 km/h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h3,5 s (3,9 s in drift mode)
BatteryLithium Ion Battery
battery capacity42 kWh
charging time2 hours at 380V / 32A charging point

Renault 5 Turbo 3E Tuning 9

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