Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco with 600 PS electric drive!

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Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco Version 2 Header Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco with 600 PS E drive!

Gone are the days when a Ford Bronco drove across the country with a stocky V8. That was in the 60s and it will probably never be there again ex works. That changes the brand new bronco nothing that will "only" exist with a maximum of 6 cylinders. And also the Californian company Zero labs doesn't change that. But they do As is well known, from the aged SUV icon an off-roader with an electric drive. And one with more steam than the standard V8 in the Bronco at the time ever had. And as version 2.0 it now has even more power, more range and air suspension. Since 2019, the Californian company has been offering the Bronco in its original version in a fully restored and subsequently electrified condition. But the Americans have now significantly upgraded the electric drive and plugged it into the Bronco as version 2.0.

two electric motors as drives

Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco Version 2 1 Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco with 600 PS E drive!

The result is not only significantly more power, but there are now also amenities such as independent suspension or the mentioned air suspension. Here too, of course, the basis is the Ford Bronco Offroader manufactured between 1967 and 1977. It is restored from scratch and rebuilt and is a typical one afterwards Restomod vehicle. And in order to bring a little more individuality to the streets, Zero Labs customers will be able to choose between one Classic version and a Carbon variant choose. The variant Classic is created with replica steel plates licensed by Ford while maintaining the original radiator grille with Ford lettering. If you choose the carbon version, you get a body made entirely of carbon parts. It ensures considerable weight savings and is recognizable by the closed grille with Zerolabs lettering and LED daytime running lights.

optionally with air suspension system

Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco Version 2 11 Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco with 600 PS E drive!

And while the electric drive was previously integrated into the classic lead frame substructure of the Bronco during the retrofit, you are now taking a different route. There is a completely new electrical architecture by means of Skateboard platform. It has integrated the vehicle battery in the central underbody and the two axles with independent suspension are installed at the ends of the platform. So far there were only simple rigid axles. This means that the Bronco, in line with the modern electric drive, now also has the latest driving behavior as we know it from contemporary vehicles of the present day. And optionally, an air suspension system can also be integrated. Zero Labs has also modernized the interior of the Bronco and refined it to a high standard. Here, however, one essentially adheres to the principles of variant 1.0 and only sets a few changed accents. The most important thing is definitely the drive. On request, Zero Labs can now integrate at the front and an electric motor on the rear axle.

about 300 or almost 600 HP

If only the electric drive is installed on the rear axle, the result delivers approx. 300 hp.If you opt for an additional motor on the front axle, the Bronco not only receives all-wheel drive, but also an increase in performance with a system performance of approx. 600 Little horse. As before, a 70 kWh battery is used as an energy source, which makes a range of around 300 kilometers possible with normal driving. And while the E-Bronco 1.0 was still equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, version 2.0 is now linked to an automatic transmission. This year Zero Labs plans to deliver the first E-Broncos with the 2.0 drive, which start as a steel version at around 163.000 euros and cost at least 212.000 euros as a carbon version. If we receive timely information on further changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Zero Labs Automotive)

Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco Version 2 2 Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco with 600 PS E drive!

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Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco Version 2.0

Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco Version 2 7 Zero Labs Automotive Ford Bronco with 600 PS E drive!

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