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The new HELMNORM ECE 22.06 - this has been in effect since 2021

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Motorcycle helmet test HELMNORM ECE 22.06 e1620818385545 The new HELMNORM ECE 22.06 that has been in effect since 2021

The requirements that motorcycle helmets must meet in order to be approved for road traffic are regulated by the ECE regulation 22 of the United Nations regulated. Since the beginning of 2021, helmets can be according to the new ECE-R-22-06 regulation to be examined, a reformed regulation of the ECE 22.05which has been in force for almost twenty years. From June 3, 2022, tests will only be carried out according to the new standard and from June 2023 it will be no longer allowed, Helmets with the Standard ECE 22.05 to produce. These helmets could then be sold at the beginning of 2024 at the earliest verboten become. The aim of the reform according to ECE 22.06 is to still make helmets and visors according to regulations for use on motorized two-wheelers secure close. Old helmets can still be used, however; there is no obligation to replace them. It should be with one New purchase but the most up-to-date norms should be observed.

Test requirements are tightened

According to the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA), the new test standard is particularly about changes in the test procedure for motorcycle helmets. In contrast to the previous test with a pre-defined point of impact, the new standard allows the testers to do so be chosen by yourself. From now on, it will generally continue with greater impact speed checked.

Modular helmets, such as open face helmets with a flanged chin section or flip-up helmets, are from now on both with and without Checked the chin guard or the opened chin part. Also be integrated sun visors more appraised due to their increasing use. These have to be independent let the visor move. In the case of integrated sun protection, this must be folded down for testing. The new test of the sun visors has the advantage that it is now ensured that traffic light colors can be recognized. Red or green previously appeared in gray.

Motorcycle helmet test HELMNORM ECE 22.06 2 The new HELMNORM ECE 22.06 that has been in effect since 2021

Accessory parts may only be attached to the helmet that will be used later if these are add-on parts was also assembled and tested during the test are. At im Changes made afterwards of the accessories, the helmet and all newly added parts must be checked so that the type approval does not expire. How about this with Action cams or communication systems behaves is not yet clear. However, experts assume that it is in this regard no restrictions and this area will continue to be a kind of gray area. At least if the parts not fixed connected to the helmet.

More resistant visors are required

The requirements for visors and visor mechanics are being tightened. These may be caused by an impact with a steel test ball at a speed of 60 m / s don't burst. In addition, a new impact test method for measuring rotational acceleration is added to the test procedure. Due to national regulations, it is also necessary to provide the helmets tested according to the new test method with reflective surfaces or reflective stickers. Corresponding assembly instructions can be enclosed with the respective helmet if required.

Reason for the renewal of the ECE-R 22.05 directive

The ECE-R 22.05 must be adapted to the technical requirements as a standard. This involves, for example, adapting to new materials. The Test temperature was on cold helmets minus 20 degrees Celsius lowered to facilitate the use of materials other than styrofoam (EPS). The new rotation test or helmet stripping test are necessary adjustments based on new knowledge about the accident. It is now no longer permittedthat helmets can be pushed back without any effort. This leads to increased security and also increased comfort.

Validity dates of ECE-R 22.06 and its further schedule

  • Since January 3, 2021: ECE-R-22.06 approvals can already be issued.
  • From June 3, 2022: Only ECE-R-22.06 approvals can be issued.
  • From June 3, 2023: The approval mark according to ECE-R-22.05 may can not be Learn more be attached. This corresponds to a production stop or a production ban.
  • From January 3, 2024: From this point onwards, the sale of ECE-R-22.05-approved helmets verboten .

Motorcycle helmet test HELMNORM ECE 22.06 3 The new HELMNORM ECE 22.06 that has been in effect since 2021

Major differences between ECE-R 22.06 and ECE-R 22.05

The main changes include: The lower or higher impact speed and the lower test temperature. Furthermore, the introduction of the Rotational test and an advanced exam for Helmet stripping to the front and back New. In addition, there is also the examination of sun visors and passed the test bombardment of the visors. The technical testing service is now allowed to select additional test points, which means that a specific design of helmets on existing test points is no longer possible.

Motorcycle helmet test HELMNORM ECE 22.06 4 e1620818592581 The new HELMNORM ECE 22.06 that has been in effect since 2021

In general, the test is now clear extensive. For example, for a helmet that was offered in two different shell sizes, 17 helmets had to be checked for basic approval. With the new edition are now 33 test helmets necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages for the end user

Disadvantages are the probable one Increase in costs for helmets and the inability to use existing constructions. The choice of model will likely be smaller and new designs will be more expensive. In addition, because of the larger numbers of test samples longer test times expected. Advantages are one greater security and reliability of the new helmets.

BMW Motorrad equipment R 18 Classic 1 The new HELMET STANDARD ECE 22.06 that has been in effect since 2021

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