Against moisture and mold - the dehumidifier!

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Auto Dehumidifier Dehumidifier Dehumidifier e1575528968381 For dehumidifier against moisture and mold!

Especially now in the winter we notice it again, everything is somehow wet and clammy! After all, even modern technology can hardly prevent damp air from forming inside the car. This, in conjunction with the cool outside temperature for misted windows and not particularly good breathing air inside the car. The reason for this can be the wet clothes of the driver and the passengers. But also wet foot mats are a big problem. And they are hard to avoid, especially in winter. If you get in the shoes are wet and sometimes full of snow and who is traveling by car every day, it will be tired every day to expand the mats and dry. If the car is not freed of the moisture by opening the windows, it may be that the car interior even begins to spill.

even mold can form

Auto Dehumidifier Dehumidifier Dehumidifier3 For dehumidifier against moisture and mold!

And the danger of mold growth is growing too. Such a car climate is especially harmful to allergy sufferers. For this reason, the inside of the car should be dehumidified regularly. With a car in a garage with an open window, it's easy. Because then, without the risk of damage or vandalism from third parties, the windows can simply be kept open overnight. If the car is standing on the street or in a parking lot when it is not moving, that's not so easy. Then maybe you should consider the installation of a dehumidifier for the vehicle. There are electrical and mechanical variants here.

Mechanical dehumidifier

Mechanical dehumidifiers are well suited for a car that is planned to be left outside for a long time due to non-use. At first glance, these dehumidifiers look like a simple pillow. But inside the pillows hide a secret. It is a pillow that is filled with fine-grained granules. These are usually granules made of clay, salts, activated charcoal or starch. This can be flour or corn starch. All of these natural raw materials ensure that moisture is removed from the air inside the car. The main advantage of such dehumidifiers in the car is their low price and their high level of environmental compatibility. The dehumidifiers are also characterized by their long service life. And this protects the environment. Because when the dehumidifier pillow is soaked, it is sufficient to place the pillow on the heater or in the sun. This has the effect that the absorbed moisture quickly evaporates and the air dehumidifier pillow can soon be used again. Some pillows can even be dried in the microwave. (This removes moisture in the car)

Electric dehumidifier

When dehumidifying the car but you can also rely on modern technology. A disadvantage of the electric dehumidifier right at the beginning: Of course, these devices need a power source. But there are also models that can be operated with a battery and even those with solar panels. They are positioned on the dashboard and as long as it is still bright outside, the battery charges through the solar cell. Also in the electrical equipment is a granulate that absorbs moisture from the car interior. The advantage of such devices for air dehumidification in the car interior lies above all in the simple and inconspicuous design. However, the disadvantage is the mentioned power consumption, that possibly power cable (variant without solar panel) and the higher price. Basically nothing speaks against the manual dehumidifier pillow.

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Sitzl% C3% BCast K% C3% BCle Seat Pad% C3% BCftung2 310x165 Against dehumidifier moisture and mold!

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Clip-on window Clip-on window Plug-in window5 310x165 Against dehumidifier moisture and mold!

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Cavity preservation Corrosion protection Protective wax 310x165 Against moisture and mold of the dehumidifier!

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