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Convenient - Bed Rack / Carrier for the Car!

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Bed Rack loading area carrier Pickup platform carrier e1575441540582 Practical Bed Rack / loading area carrier for the car!

Pick-up trucks all have something in common: the loading area! Now, the loading area is just about to individualize, namely with loading platform carriers, which are also called Bed Racks. Such a loading area structure can be used, for example, in addition to Ironing cargo area be installed. But he can also bring this directly or bothers a bed rail and you have to decide between the two components. The deciding factor is always the vehicle and the desired bed rack variant.

Which functions are possible?

Bed Rack loading area carrier Pickup platform carrier2 Practical Bed Rack / loading area carrier for the car!

Most of these carrier systems consist of an aluminum platform. Often, the systems also have the same wind deflector, Of course, the Bed Racks are compatible with the existing rail on the rail and bring the right mounting system. And of course, the kits contain all the necessary components and assembly instructions. The prerequisite is, of course, always that after vehicle registration you have selected exactly the bed rack that is suitable for the desired pick-up.

Why is it used?

Bed Rack loading area carrier Pickup platform carrier3 Practical Bed Rack / loading area carrier for the car!

Loading surfaces Cross members are used not only because of the sometimes very cool look on the pick-up, but above all to increase the load capacity. The components make it possible to stow various equipment above the loading area. Often the factory loading area of ​​the pickup then remains completely free and is limited at most to the top. Either way, however, there are completely new possibilities for the transport of goods of every kind.

What are the variants?

A well-known provider is Nuthouse Industries. The manufacturer has various bed racks available for almost all pick-ups. An example is the Nutzo Tech 2 series expedition setup. This is a fully welded expeditionRooftent carrier (RTT) made of aluminum. The Tech 2 features elegantly shaped corners for an aesthetic appearance. The aluminum frame can support the largest RTT system. The company offers you the opportunity to adapt your truck carrier to any configuration to meet the requirements. The tuner makes custom made racks for light to heavy vehicles. For example, these frames are made from 2 square aluminum tubes with a wall thickness of 1 / 8 inches. The rack comes standard with four to five welded 2 square tube cross bars.

Extensions are possible at any time

Removable cross bars are available at an additional cost. The frame is welded to a 3 ″ x 3 ″ x 1/4 ″ aluminum bracket that extends the entire length of the bed. The interested party can choose to have the truck bed rack in the standard black textured urethane coating, which is already included in the basic price. A finish in the raw aluminum mill finish is also possible, for which there is a discount of around $ 200 on the regular price. The so-called Lightning Package is optionally available for the Nutzo Tech 2. The Deluxe Lightning Pakage includes: 1-CHMSL, 2 white VisionX accent lights, 4 yellow marker lights, 2 red marker lights, 4 square VisionX Dura M460 2,75 inch LED flood or spot lights.
The German dealer Campventure also sells Front Runner carrier kits. In addition to detailed installation instructions, all components, eg for fastening the so-called Slimline II platform, are already included in the kits. Another German dealer of such products is mtsports.de.

are there advantages and disadvantages?

Bed Rack loading area carrier Pickup platform carrier5 Practical Bed Rack / loading area carrier for the car!

One of the advantages, of course, is the cool look that comes from such a cargo bed structure. In addition, of course, the countless applications. No matter if you have the equipment for the job, a Rooftent For the trip to the outback or to transport the bikes for the whole family, the bed rack makes everything possible and in addition, the cargo area can be used additionally. A major disadvantage is that the load carrier made of steel or aluminum and bring along weight. Even if it is made of aluminum, a not negligible additional weight is added. As a result, the maximum payload is often significantly reduced. In addition, the additional weight does not go unnoticed by the dynamics of the vehicle. But that should not be in the foreground of a pickup anyway.

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Bed Rack loading area carrier Pickup platform carrier6 e1575442047628 Practical Bed Rack / loading area carrier for the car!

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