Avoid paint damage caused by dirt and insect remains!

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Dirt such as pollen, bird droppings or insect remains leave their mark on the paintwork. If you want to keep the paintwork intact, you should therefore take regular action against contamination in all seasons. Regular washing is just as important as proper care to avoid long-term paintwork damage. Flora and fauna not only leave sticky residue, they can even work their way into the surface of the paint and possibly cause small cracks.

Clean the car from dirt!

Insect remains are a typical dirt problem in spring and summer. On longer journeys, these accumulate in large quantities primarily in the front and mirror area. Insect remains can burn into the paintwork surface in the summer heat and should therefore be removed manually as soon as possible. The residue hardens quickly under the heat and is then much more difficult to get rid of. If you react quickly, you have less work. The bio residues can be removed easily and cheaply with a damp kitchen towel or a wet newspaper.

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Cover the affected areas with wet newspaper or paper towels, leave this on for a few minutes and the bio-contamination can be easily wiped away. If that does not bring the desired success, you can go to special cleaners resort, these soften the remains and so they can be easily removed. Anyone who uses such cleaners, however, has to use them Exposure times Pay attention, because the cleaners can also stain the paintwork.

Swarms of insects can even scratch the paintwork

A good view through the windscreen is important and requires that the biodebris is always removed. The special cleaning of the windscreen can be carried out with insect sponges. However, these must not be used for the paintwork, as they can cause scratches. The windshield can be cleaned with water and a sponge without leaving any residue. Insect problems arise primarily when driving, but when the vehicle is stationary they settle down Pollen or excretions down from trees and birds. You can prevent this by using your vehicle will not parked under a tree.

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Should this still be the case, maybe even for several days, then the legacies of nature can be easily cleaned with a normal car wash remove. In this case, the cheapest, fastest and most effective cleaning method is the high-pressure cleaner system. The car wash is more convenient, but also more expensive. However, experience shows that insect remains and bird droppings cannot always be completely removed in the car wash. After leaving the car wash, it is therefore advisable to remove the residue with a damp cloth before it dries up again. Special cleaners help with heavy residual dirt.

do not polish in the sun

The vehicle after the wash polishing? This should be on no case at all done in the blazing sun. A polish helps to bring the paint to a high gloss after washing the car. However, it is important to ensure that you do this in the shade, otherwise the polishing paste will dry too quickly and this could bleach the paintwork. It is also easier to rub off the polish paste later in the shade, as the polish remains moist. It is important that the entire vehicle is not rubbed with polishing paste, but only parts of it. And be careful with the polishing paste just the paint treated and not the plastic parts, door and sunroof seals or unpainted bumpers. The polishing paste leaves an ugly gray haze on these parts. After polishing, it is recommended to wax the car versiegeln and the next time the vehicle gets dirty, it only has to be hosed down.

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