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taking the step from the conventional combustion engine to electromobility inevitably comes into contact with a number of new terms. It quickly becomes clear that electric mobility has its own vocabulary. This may seem complicated at first, but you don't need a doctorate in physics - I promise! CUPRA provides an overview of the abbreviations and technical terms that appear in everyday use of an electric vehicle and what they mean.

Electro ABC for beginners

Electro ABC beginners electromobility 1


  • Pplug in Hhybrid Eelectric Vehicle means plug-in hybrid vehicle and means a conventional combustion vehicle that can be powered by an additional battery and electric motor.


  • Bbattery Eelectric VTranslated, ehicle means something like battery-electric vehicle and, in contrast to the PHEV, is powered exclusively by an electric motor that draws its energy from an internal battery.


  • A stands for Ampere and thus the electrical amperage. Roughly simplified, one can say that the current indicates how much current flows (e.g. through a cable into the battery).


  • V stands for Volt and gives the electrical voltage on. It roughly describes the pressure with which the current flows.

W or kW

  • W stands for WattkW for Kilowatt and indicates the performance of a vehicle, for example. For comparison: While the performance of an old light bulb can still be measured with e.g. B. 40, 60 or 100 watts, the power of a vehicle is already several 1.000 watts and is therefore given in kilowatts (kilo = 1.000). In the case of vehicles, the long-established but outdated specification in horsepower (hp) is usually added for better classification. The new CUPRA Born, for example, has a peak output of up to 170 kW or 231 hp.

Electro ABC beginners electromobility 2


  • The kilowatt hour serves as a unit of measurement for the capacity of a battery and is composed of kW for power and  h for time. For example, the battery in the CUPRA Born has a capacity of either 45, 58 or 77 kWh, Also the Consumption of an electric vehicle is in kWh specified and is 16,8-15,5 for the CUPRA Born kWh per 100 kilometers. In addition to the performance that a car (or its engine and battery) achieves during operation, the performance when charging the battery can also be inferred kW indicate. One speaks here of the charging capacity. There are two ways to load:


  • AC stands for Alternating Current and means in German alternating current. AC charging stations (normal charging stations, common in public spaces) usually charge with an output of up to 22 kW.


  • DC stands for Direct Current and means something like in German direct currentDC charging stations are also called fast charging stations and are mostly found along highways and less common in urban areas. There they also make sense, because with maximum Charging capacities of up to 350 kW even the largest batteries can fill up with electricity for hundreds of kilometers within a few minutes. The CUPRA Born, for example, charges with maximum depending on the power variant 110 kW (with the 45 kWh battery), 120 kW (with the 58 kWh battery) or even 170 kW (with the 77 kWh battery).

Electro ABC beginners electromobility 3


  • HPC stands for High Pperformance Charger (high power fast charger). You achieve a charging capacity of currently up to 350 kW.

CCS and  all-purpose flour

  •  Ccombined Charging Ssystem (CCS) is a standard for the Quick charge with direct current. The plugs are marked accordingly. With Type-2-Plugs are attached to vehicles normal charging stations charged with alternating current.


  • State oCHarge translates as much as charge level. With that he becomes battery level usually given as a percentage.


  • Within the recuperation energy can be recovered like with a bicycle dynamo. When driving, the energy recovery causes a noticeable braking torque as soon as you take your foot off the “accelerator pedal” while driving. The resulting electrical current is fed back into the battery.

Electro ABC beginners electromobility 4


  • Ono-Pedal-Driving describes driving with just one pedal. through the recuperation the vehicle is braked so hard that the additional use of the brake pedal is not necessary if you drive with foresight. The mechanical brakes only come into play if the deceleration performance from energy recovery is not sufficient to brake in time. This not only reduces wear on the brakes, but also increases the range. The energy recovery can usually be set in several stages. For the greatest possible level of recuperation, switch from Driving mode D (Drive) into the B mode (Baccelerate and Bbrake).


  • Permanently aroused Ssynchronousmmachines are the most common type of engine in electric vehicles today. In contrast to eexcited Ssynchronousmmachines (ESM) that use electromagnets are in PSM Installed permanent magnets. Text + picture credits: Cupra (Seat Sport SA)

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