Requested number plate – this must be taken into account when making a reservation

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Many vehicle owners want to give their vehicle a personal touch with a so-called personalized number plate. However, there are numerous pitfalls already lurking when making a reservation. For example, some combinations are not permitted in this country. We have found out what needs to be considered when making a reservation, what fees are associated with an application and what else needs to be considered.

How much does a license plate cost?

In Germany, the registration authorities charge a uniform flat rate for the individual desired number plate. The actual fees for the application amount to 10,20 euros. In the case of an online reservation, there are small additional costs of only 2,60 euros. At 12,80 euros, the total costs are higher than for a conventional number plate, but they are still within reasonable limits. Further costs, such as for re-registering or registering the vehicle when changing ownership, depend on the respective registration district. Last but not least, there are costs for the license plate and the embossing. The average price for a license plate is 20.

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Which combinations are allowed?

The combination of numbers and letters is primarily intended to ensure the exact assignment of a driver in the event of violations of the road traffic regulations. The license plate is therefore made up of an identification number and a distinguishing mark. While the latter indicate the district and cannot be changed, the identification number can be freely determined. It consists of a combination of one to four numbers and one to two letters. However, there are limits to the creativity of the vehicle owner. Dates of important events or birthdays are frequently chosen combinations.

The situation is different, however, with offensive abbreviations that violate general customs. When choosing the combination, for example, the following are prohibited:

  • SS (protection squadron)
  • SA (Sturmabteilung)
  • NS (National Socialism)
  • HJ (Hitler Youth)
  • KZ (concentration camp)

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Although these combinations are banned nationwide, counties can ban their own abbreviations. The exact regulations can be obtained simply and easily from the responsible approval authority.

How to check the license plate for availability?

In Germany alone, the streets are populated like never before, and the trend is rising. There are over 66,9 million registered vehicles in this country. Around 1,1 million more vehicles are added every year. With the sheer mass, it is not surprising if one or the other license plate number is already sold out. Whether this is the case can be checked simply and easily on the Internet. This verification is not binding and does not obligate you to make a reservation. Alternatively, the test can also be carried out by the local registration office.

How can a personal number plate be reserved?

Vehicle owners can also quickly apply for a reservation either at the registration office or directly online. There is still no official website of the federal government for a reservation. Who online that Reserve your desired license plate would like to have to resort to commercial providers due to the lack of an official website for the registration authorities. Vehicle owners have the opportunity here to try out numerous combinations and test their availability. Costs only arise after a binding order. In order for the reservation to be successful via the Internet, it is necessary to provide personal data for a corresponding assignment.

The number plate can also be removed directly during the in the conventional way Re-registration or registration specify the vehicle. In the case of an already existing combination, a clerk checks other combinations for their availability. However, unlike online reservations, clerks don't have the patience to go through all the combinations. In order to avoid a random assignment by the PC, the check for availability should be carried out online beforehand.

Once a license plate is reserved, it is protected for a certain period of time. The validity of this reservation varies depending on the registration office and can last from a few days to several months. However, the period of the reservation is completely irrelevant to the costs. If no change or registration takes place within the reservation period, the reservation can usually be extended for a small fee of a few euros.

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