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Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

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Schuesseltes sports steering wheel tuning Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

In motorsport that is Sport steering wheel Mandatory, as there is a much shorter distance between the center of the steering wheel and the steering wheel rim. As a result, the forces better and faster be transmitted. This advantage ensures a noticeably better feeling when driving fast and fast. However, the sports steering wheel also has disadvantages. We took a closer look at what these are and what you should pay particular attention to when buying.

Advantages of a sports steering wheel

Since the sports steering wheel has a smaller diameter as the standard steering wheel features, it is possible to perform driving maneuvers more precise to execute. In addition, it saves the endurance of the driver, which is particularly important in the field of racing. The negative aspect here is that when driving at high speed, even the smallest movements are sufficient to implement a steering maneuver, which means that it is also likely that you will quickly lose control of the vehicle.

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Can everyone install a sports steering wheel?

The installation of a thoroughbred sports steering wheel can only be done if for the assembly the airbag is deactivated. This missing safety precaution should be carefully considered in advance. In addition, the steering wheel can only be used in road traffic if it has a so-called ABE (operating permit).

General operating license ABE approval tuning Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

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Steering wheel without airbag - is that even allowed in Germany?

Yes, because nobody in Germany is obliged to own a vehicle that has an airbag. So driving with a sports steering wheel is like without an airbag allowed, when the steering wheel has the necessary operating permit.

Backruestnabe Airbag Backruest Kit Sports steering wheel Tuning 1 Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

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Are sports steering wheels actually expensive?

For a high quality sports steering wheel, prices range between 250 - 350 Euro calculate. In addition, however, there are the costs for the appropriate connection, which can vary depending on the type of steering wheel. If you want a particularly elegant sports steering wheel (e.g. with Alcantara, carbon or aluminum details), then of course there are no upper limits.

THE WHITE WING PROJECT Lamborghini Aventador Envy Factor Tuning 3 Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

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Why a sports steering wheel?

It is not only due to the performance-related advantages, but also to the visual upgrade of the vehicle that many would like to convert. Because sports steering wheels give the vehicles a completely new look. Tuning fans kill two birds with one stone. Interested parties who want to equip their vehicle with a sports steering wheel usually already have some modifications such as an increase in performance or perhaps a new and more powerful engine. For this reason, the sports steering wheel is the first choice for tuning enthusiasts, because it allows you to adjust the necessary performance and do justice to the performance.

Sports steering wheel driver Rennauto race car Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

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What are the differences to the standard steering wheel?

Sports steering wheels were actually used in racing to give drivers a better driving experience, as even minimal steering impulses are sufficient to steer the vehicle to the left or right. Compared to normal steering wheels, this is where comfort stands out on second place. A sports steering wheel usually has a diameter of 25 to 30 cmwhereby the distance between the so-called steering wheel rim and the center of the steering wheel is noticeable reduced.

Sports steering wheel driver racing car race car conversion Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

Minimal movements are enough to change direction. The conventional standard steering wheel is larger and therefore requires the same steering design a bigger way. The shorter way also has the advantage that it leads to Entlastung contributes to the muscles and the Endurance increased, which is particularly important in racing. However, this function can also be an advantage in road traffic. Driving is much easier in dangerous situations, maintaining control of the vehicle and performing more precise driving maneuvers.

What are the disadvantages of a sports steering wheel?

As already mentioned, the Comfort in the case of sports steering wheels in second or even third place. This means that especially sports steering wheels for motorsport are usually about no controlsas you know it from the conventional series steering wheel. So usually the omitted Airbag and horn installed later and also approved by TÜV become. Driving with the sports steering wheel can be particularly difficult for the first time due to the unknown way in which the vehicle reacts dangerous be, so you should only consider buying if you can do without the previous comfort and all legal requirements have been clarified.

all entered change acceptance facts worth knowing about the sport steering wheel

Tip: Not only the well-known TÜV can do an acceptance of the sports steering wheel. Dekra, KüS, GTÜ & Co. are also allowed to do this. More about this can be found in our article "TÜV, Dekra, KÜS, GTÜ - differences regarding change acceptance".

What do you have to look out for when buying?

When buying a sports steering wheel, it happens not only to personal taste. There are a few provisionsthat should be considered. On the one hand, the sports steering wheel is allowed by no means cover important switches and signals on the steering column. Furthermore, one must be aware that one of the most important safety elements in the vehicle must be removed if the car has airbags. In vehicles without power steering you need significantly more power to perform a steering maneuver. Finally, it should be clear before buying which one Connection the car is required because sports steering wheels are equipped with a wide variety of adapters.

Servotronic power steering Retrofitting electric e1586940742764 Interesting facts about the sports steering wheel

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Does a sports steering wheel need to be street legal?

From a statistical point of view, conspicuously tuned cars reach a police check more quickly than a classic car. It is therefore advisable to make sure that the one for the sports steering wheel is one street legal or approval owns. Foreign variants in particular are known for not certified to be and accordingly not to be street legal in Germany. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to go to the inspector, who can say exactly whether an individual acceptance is necessary or not. Is a sports steering wheel with the note "without certificate - only for racing / motorsport (this article is not permitted in the area of ​​the StVZO) or a similar statement, the lack of permission for use in the road vehicle goes without saying.

Tip: If the sports steering wheel comes with a so-called snapp-off system, then acceptance for road traffic is excluded from the start in over 90% of cases. The same often applies when using a hub extension. More information can be found in our article "Snap-off system for the sports steering wheel - maximum safety!"And in the post"So that the new sports steering wheel fits - the steering wheel hub!".

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