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Retrofitting travel limiters - you must pay attention to this

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Spring travel limit stop bumpers Tuning 2 Retrofitting travel limiters You must pay attention to this

Do you like thick tires in combination with a suspension? Do you like traveling faster? Then it may be worthwhile to install a spring travel limiter, because retrofitting has some advantages. You will find out in the following article what a suspension limiter exactly is, what it actually does and what designs are available for purchase.

What is a spring travel limiter?

Spring travel limit stop bumpers Tuning 3 Retrofitting travel limiters You must pay attention to this

The spring travel limiter consists of a hard rubber material or sturdy spring steel and is mounted on the piston rod, on the shock absorber (pierced). At the rear but also often at other points that may vary depending on the vehicle. With the help of the limiter, the vibration or spring behavior of the chassis is influenced and reduced. The soft chassis, which reacts strongly to bumps, can be converted to a harder chassis with a spring-action limiter. The lateral inclination in fast cornering is reduced and even when braking hard or when accelerating a spring limit limiter can reduce the body movements significantly.

Why is a spring limit limiter installed?

Spring travel limit stop bumper Tuning Retrofitting travel limit limiter You must pay attention to this

In the tuning scene, the travel limiters are particularly popular, especially with tuners who have lowered the car. By retrofitting the limiter, the body should also be protected against strong spring vibrations. Even if you have thick tires mounted on your vehicle, the spring limit can be a help to better control your vehicle in uneven ground and reduce the immersion in the wheel arches or completely prevent. You can attach the travel limit to all four axles and increase ride comfort with the right attitude. If your new wheel - tire combination runs into danger when you dive into the wheel arches on the wheel arch, the spring travel limiter can provide a remedy. From a legal point of view, however, this is no longer an alternative if the bike simply does not fit the car or the wheel arch!

Advantages of the travel limit limiter?

Retrofitting Porsche 911 991 TurboRS Vossen GNS 1 GT2 RS Tuning Travel Limiters You have to pay attention

If you have decided to install a travel limit, you can benefit from the following benefits:

  • Shorten the suspension travel and thus protect the lowered bodywork
  • Protect your shock absorbers from being blown by retrofitting a spring travel limiter
  • Prevent the wide wheels from grinding on the wheel arch
  • Keep your vehicle better under control, at higher speeds, even on rough roads
  • Improve your driving behavior, with the help of a travel limit

Disadvantages of the travel limiters?

Unfortunately, you can also incur some disadvantages if you use the travel limiters improperly. You should pay attention to this to avoid disadvantages:

  • Do not use the travel limiters to protect your lowered car from landing because it will make the suspension extremely hard.
  • Bumps and shocks are transferred more to the body, the suspension, etc.
  • If you choose the suspension too hard, you can cause health disadvantages. The impact caused by the rough road is cushioned by your spine
  • If the spring adjustment is made improperly, then you have your vehicle no longer under control. If you have uneven road surfaces, high speeds and hard suspension, you often lose ground contact
  • Never use the travel limiters to retrofit a cheap spacer to avoid the mentioned disadvantages

Which manufacturers produce travel limiters?

If you attach great importance to high quality, then you can choose from a variety of popular manufacturers. You can get model-compatible and universal travel limiters. Manufacturers of travel limiters are for example: Brehma Universal, KW Suspension, Raid hp or SplitFire.

And the legal situation to the spring limit limiter?

Retrofit TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning suspension travel limiter

Suspension travel limiters are also installed in many cars at the factory. They also serve security there. Suspension travel limiters for retrofitting are nothing else and therefore a registration by the TÜV or the Dekra does not have to be made. However, some manufacturers provide an ABE for the limiters. If you go to the TÜV or a police check, the sheet of paper cannot damage it. The TÜV can also declare the installation of spring travel limiters as inadmissible. This is the case when the shock absorber has no more travel and the car is resting on the limiter.

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