Deteriorated - the trunk extension during tuning

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Project 601 Trabant Tuning HiFi Conversion 8 The trunk expansion during the tuning is alienated

A trunk extension is not uncommon in the tuning scene and is mostly used to install a car hi-fi system or an Airride air suspension. In this country, however, the variant with the components for the hi-fi system is more popular. Here you have a lot of possibilities to design the interior or trunk. Everything from the subwoofer to the amplifier to the loudspeaker and monitor can be installed. There are almost no limits in the vehicle interior and a lot is possible from a legal point of view. The series systems, for example loudspeakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, can usually be expanded, expanded or replaced relatively easily without any complex processes. And if you have a trunk and don't really need it, it offers enough space for wild conversions with subwoofers, monitors, speakers or amplifiers.

Tuning is more than performance improvement

Sound Systems Music System Tuning Speakers 4 The trunk expansion during the tuning is alienated

Not all tuners just want to have more power in their vehicles or raise new aluminum. Show & Shine is also very popular in the tuning scene. This area not only improves the aesthetics of the car, but also places great emphasis on a loud and high-quality sound system. Of course, when you remove it, you don't just have to swap the car radio. That would have nothing to do with the trunk.

1. The radio
Installing a new car radio is almost a must in the tuning scene. However, the term radio is very out of date and should be overhauled. Today's radios can pick up more than FM radio waves. You can play all kinds of media with you, including CD, MP3 player, digital radio, USB stick, SD card or even directly from your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The smaller "radios" are already available with a small display and touchscreen or pad. With the variety of options, there is something for everyone.

Sound Systems Music System Tuning Speakers 2 The trunk expansion during the tuning is alienated

2. Upgrade speakers
Another option is to replace or install speakers. Series loudspeakers are usually not designed for high volumes and start to hum at higher volumes or are electronically limited. In a system that wants to achieve higher volumes, you have to upgrade the speakers and replaced by improved with more watts. PS: With our instructions you can install new speakers in the doors yourself.

dB Drag Racing Sound Tuning The trunk expansion is alienated when tuning

3. Active crossovers
An active crossover is also built in to improve the quality of the music. Volume is popular with car hifi, but without quality, that's not possible. An active crossover prevents noise and crackling at high volumes and makes the speakers more controllable. The crossovers are important components that are often installed directly in the trunk when the HiFi conversion takes on larger proportions.

Crossover Tuning Hifi Boot Removal The trunk expansion is alienated when tuning

4. subwoofer
A subwoofer should of course not be missing in a good sound system. Subwoofers are responsible for the bass, i.e. the lower frequencies of the music, and are irreplaceable. In the trunk, the subwoofers come into focus and are almost always specially highlighted. A central subwoofer in the middle or on the right and left in the trunk are possible. Often in combination with LED lights, wood, leather or even teak, laminate & Co. Nothing is impossible.

dB Drag Racing Soundtuning 3 The boot extension is alienated during tuning

5. Amplifier and power amplifiers
Another possibility are amplifiers and power amplifiers. These serve to optimize the subwoofers and loudspeakers because the radio can usually not control or use the many loudspeakers sufficiently. However, power amplifiers can also be installed in the vehicle, so that the individual sound elements can be better controlled. With the amplifier, a vehicle can play really professional music. In addition to the trunk, the passenger's footwell, for example, is a popular installation location. Similar to the subwoofer, amplifiers and power amplifiers are often set in scene with LED strips, plexiglass plates, etc.

Amplifier Koferraumausbau tuning The trunk extension is alienated during tuning

6. Fairing in the trunk
Different materials are available, including leather, metal, GRP, wood, etc. for the trunk extension. Since the whole thing is made for the show and shine effect, the sound expansion must not only be loud, but also look good. Fully developed trunk compartments are therefore not uncommon. Small LCD screens are often built into the sound system, there are special adaptations painted in the vehicle color and even space is often created for small decorative items. The expansion is a little more difficult if the owner has decided on an Airride air suspension. Often the trunk is already largely used up by the tank and the outgoing lines.

Do you need more information about retrofitting a sound system? Here we have taken up the topic again more extensively and have also included a few tutorials. And in our post "DIY: Install and connect the car radio correctly!“We show the most important steps for exchanging the radio.

 Tip: New sound system installed and the alternator makes Whistling noises over the speakers? Our tips to eliminate the problem.

dB Drag Racing Soundtuning 3 1 The trunk expansion during the tuning process is alienated

Of course that had not happened yet!

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