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Ensuring road safety requires early detection of hazards. An essential prerequisite for this is a sufficiently large field of vision. However, it is also important that vehicle lighting to consider as it is often cited as the first element to improve visibility. The primary function of vehicle lighting is to illuminate the road and make the vehicle visible to other road users. However, various lighting elements can also help to make the vehicle more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. With the introduction of LED technology, the possibility of individualizing one's own vehicle has expanded considerably. At the same time, the risk of errors when installing non-approved lighting devices has increased.

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It matters only tested and approved Use lighting systems on the vehicle, one after the other ECE standard conform to the approved design. This applies to both standard and retrofit lights. However, deciphering the identification of this permit is not always easy. An expert knows exactly what the intended use of the built-in light is. A change in the signal image, for example due to a different color or too many headlights, can mean that the vehicle is no longer perceived appropriately. The regulations are intended to avoid misunderstandings.

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It is not allowed to use too many lights or to change the lights later glaze or to change the application of foils, as this can potentially lead to blinding effects that are dangerous for other road users and themselves. There is about a high demand for daytime running lightswhen it comes to retrofitting. However, problems can arise during installation and connection. It is essential that the specified distances between the lights, to the road surface and to the vehicle contours. In addition, daytime running lights are allowed No way be used in conjunction with the low beam.

Is it permissible to permanently connect position lights that are attached to the bumper to the side lights and leave them switched on while driving?

  • First of all, it should be noted that the terms position lights and parking lights mean the same thing. According to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), however, the correct designation is side lights or side lights. A car is normally only allowed to have two side lamps. These must be switched on together with the tail lights and the license plate light. The electrical circuit must be designed in such a way that the main beam headlights, the low beam headlights and the fog lights can only be switched on if the parking lights are also switched on. Two additional side lights are only permitted if a pair of side lights is part of the main headlight. It is not permitted to fit two independent pairs of lights of position lights.

I intend to wrap my vehicle's taillights. Is it allowed by law to wrap them in foil and if so, under what conditions? Is it necessary to have this entered in the vehicle documents?

  • It is not permitted to wrap type-approved lights with foil, as this will change the properties in relation to the radiation effect and brightness in an uncontrollable manner. Any change to a type-approved component will invalidate the approval.


  • There are specific rules for mounting, such as a symmetrical layout, a prescribed spacing and a specific mounting height.
  • It is important that the correct color is used, which has the same luminosity.
  • There is a permissible number of lights that can be installed.
  • There are also switching regulations that must be observed.

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Some manufacturers of xenon conversion kits state that their products, due to their E identifier allowed are. However, the E-identification only refers to the electromagnetic compatibility of the associated control unit and not to the legality of the light unit in road traffic. In most cases, the legally required one is missing Light-dark border for the dipped beam, or the xenon light creates a strong scattering of the light beams in headlights originally designed for halogen lamps. This almost always leads to blinding of oncoming traffic. Therefore, the modified lighting unit is not approved.

The approval of a lamp not only refers to the lamp itself, but also to the built-in light source that is used in the lamp. It is forbidden to replace a halogen light source in the headlamp with an LED or gas discharge light source such as xenon light if these are not explicitly suitable for this purpose. (Keyword: Osram Night Breaker etc.)

The light sources of LED headlights must be designed in such a way that they are protected against manipulation. This means that a replacement is only legal if it is a complete unit, consisting of an LED module with clear specifications. It is not permitted to replace LED modules with those of different specifications. Since there are currently hardly any luminaires with replaceable LED modules on the market, a complete replacement is required in the event of a partial failure.


  • It is not permittedto use illegal lights in traffic. The manner in which the lighting equipment is installed, connected and operated must comply with legal requirements Regulations to ensure that there are no problems caused by glare, which endangers traffic safety. The information in this post is not enough? Then it works HERE to our big headlight tuning guide!

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