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When are masks mandatory in the car first aid kit?

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When are masks mandatory in the car first aid kit?

Generally applies mandatory to carry a first-aid kit in the car, otherwise in the event of a traffic stop Fines (€) be imposed. Below you will find out what a first aid kit should contain. And in the future they should too two medical masks be included. The new norm DIN 13164: 2022 is already since February 01, 2022 valid. However, first aid kits are still allowed according to the last applicable standard until January 31, 2023 can continue to be used without restriction and also continue to be purchased, since they are qualitatively equivalent and also the Section 35h of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations needs to be adjusted. So it is not necessary yetto already have the two masks with you. In the “motor vehicle first aid kit according to previous DIN 13164: 2014" must be available:

  • 1 × adhesive plaster (DIN 13019-A, 5 m × 2,5 cm)
  • 2 × fixing bandages (DIN 61634-FB-6)
  • 3 × fixation bandages (DIN 61634-FB-8)
  • 2 × triangular towels (DIN 13 168-D)
  • 1 × first aid kit (DIN 13151-G)
  • 1 × bandage (DIN 13152-BR, 40 cm × 60 cm) 
  • 1 × bandage (DIN 13152-A, 60 cm × 80 cm)
  • 6 × compresses (10cm × 10cm)
  • 1 × rescue blanket (210 × 160 cm)
  • 4 × adhesive bandages (DIN 13019-E, 10 cm × 6 cm)
  • 2 × first aid kits (DIN 13151-M)
  • 1 × First aid-Scissors (DIN 58279-A 145)

As already mentioned above, the two medical masks will be added in the future. And since the change, the manufacturers have been equipping their new car boxes according to the current standard. In case of doubt, a first-aid kit is vital and, for this reason, justifiably mandatory, which is why if you don't carry one with you Fine of 10 euros is imposed. Drivers should therefore open their first-aid kit regularly completeness and durability check. Expired items must be exchanged promptly!

DIN 13164 version 2022

Two face masks were included in the car box. The bandage 40×60 cm is no longer used and the number of triangular bandages has been reduced from 2 to 1 piece. This is to ensure that all products still fit into the container. the Contents of the first aid kit/bag DIN 13164: 2022:

  • 1 × adhesive plaster, DIN 13019-A, 5 mx 2,5 cm - 1 × plaster set DIN 13164:2014 consisting of: 4 × adhesive bandages, DIN 13019-E, 10 cm x 6 cm - 2 × finger plasters 4,4 x 7,6, 2 cm - 12 × fingertip plasters 2 x 2 cm - 1,9 × elastic plaster strips 7,2 x 4 cm - 2,5 × elastic plaster strips 7,2 x 1 cm - 13151 × first-aid kit DIN 2-K - 13151 × first-aid kit, DIN 1-M - 13151 × bandage packet, DIN 1-G - 13152 × bandage cloth, DIN 40-BR, 60 cm x 1 cm - 13152 × bandage cloth, DIN 60-A, 80 cm x 3 cm - 2 × wound compress set of 10, 10 x 2 cm - 61634 × fixation bandages, DIN 6-FB-3 - 61634 × fixation bandages, DIN 8-FB-2 - 13 × triangular bandages, DIN 168 1-D - 210 × rescue blanket, 160 x 1 cm - 58279 × first aid -Scissors, DIN 145-A 4 - 455 × disposable gloves, DIN EN 1, size L - 2 × first aid brochure - 1 × wet wipes for cleaning uninjured skin and XNUMX × application aid/table of contents.

When are masks mandatory in the car first aid kit?

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When are masks mandatory in the car first aid kit?

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When are masks mandatory in the car first aid kit?

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When are masks mandatory in the car first aid kit?

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