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This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

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This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

For a tuner's car is a powerful sport exhaust actually indispensable. Unless it's a diesel vehicle. Although is also on these some possible, but the self-igniter does not offer the soundscape “worth hearing” for us. It's different with the petrol engine. Here driving fun also includes the right one background noise. It may rumble, grumble or screech. But that doesn't necessarily mean: "The louder the better!But the fact is, a rich sound comes from a good sports exhaust. It also looks great and in some cases increases engine performance. In Germany, however, we have precise regulations for this area and you have to know them.

Variety of different sports exhaust systems!

This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

The desired sports exhaust can be purchased very easily, especially on the Internet. There are many shops directly above that Entering the vehicle data offer the right exhaust including fastening material. There is a large selection of sporty exhaust systems that increase the performance and efficiency of the engine. How the tone of the exhaust system changes depends on the model. Which manufacturer is chosen in the end is an individual decision. In Germany, however, particularly noisy systems are common not allowed. But there is still the choice between an aggressive, bright sound or a deep growl etc. But it's not just the great sound that's important, a chic look is also part of it. In terms of appearance, the sports exhaust systems have all the advantages on their side. It doesn't matter if one Stainless steel exhaust system with flap control and tailpipes made of carbon, a variant with an OEM look or a conversion to right/left, they are usually always visual highlights.

The most important rules for sports exhaust:

  • effective from July 1, 2020 for new vehicle types Noise limits of 70 to 74 decibels
  • new values ​​from July 1, 2022 for everyone New vehicles mandatory
  • the noise protection laws will be re-enacted in July 2024 for new vehicle types tightened
  • how much volume is permitted depends on the engine power. More engine power = more noise allowed
  • the maximum value can be found under Point U.3 in part 1 of Registration certificate
  • under Point U.1 stands the standing noise

This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

  • it apply the information from the vehicle registration document, even if they are lower than the legal limits
  • Sports exhaust systems are allowed, just like flap exhaust systems with approval. However, the old noise limit values ​​for vehicles already on the road remain the assessment basis, Also sound generators belonging to the exhaust systemthat the sound not change beyond the maximum extent remain permitted.
  • sound generators as Retrofit solutions make . There is a penalty of 1 point in Flensburg and a fine of 90 euros

The sports exhaust and its special features!

The exhaust is not only a tube of steel, he is much more. The high-quality sporty variants in particular are meticulously thought out and planned. She manages to increase the power of the engine to increase or at least make full use of it while maintaining the pressure from the exhaust pipe to the outside to reduce. The construction of a sports exhaust provides the necessary back pressure to the exhaust valves. From a technical point of view, the sports exhaust is important because its pressure ensures that the cylinders are completely can be rinsed.

This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

Universal components are usually installed at the important interfaces, which are geared to the engine in the vehicle. Therefore, manufacturers have to manage to match the exhaust system with the work of the cylinders of the engine. That's why a sports exhaust not universally applicable, but only on certain vehicle models. The optimum can only be obtained from the engine if fine tuning is perfectly adjusted. And what applies to complete systems also applies to the individual Sportendschalldämpfer. It is also specially made for the respective vehicle type.

Sport exhaust and rear silencer to increase performance!

When the vehicle rolls out of the factory, it usually has one Universal exhaust system, which should fulfill two tasks: Clean the exhaust gases with the catalytic converter, conduct the exhaust gases as quietly as possible through the rear silencer. The combustion activities in the engine and the exhaust system have an impact on the torque and the usable speed range. The explosive combustion processes result in strong pressure surges, which a standard exhaust can absorb. This creates a back pressure in the exhaust system. This is the point where the advantages of the sports exhaust come into play. Sports exhaust and engine fit together, so the exhaust gas without backwater flow away. Since there are hardly any compressions, the vehicle has better pulling behavior and thus more power. With a sports exhaust you can almost any petrol vehicle reach a better level of performance.

The structure of a sports exhaust!

In principle, all exhaust systems are constructed in the same way. The difference lies in the equipment. From the factory, the exhaust systems are usually filled with fiberglass wool. With the sport variants it is metal wool. Metal wool is better at dissipating heat and also lasts longer. In addition, the pipes of sports exhaust systems are often perforated and they usually have one larger cross section. They are developed so that the exhaust gases can flow through without compressing the pressure. The sports exhaust ensures that the engine requires less power to discharge the exhaust gases. Depending on the driving style and the selected exhaust system, an increase in performance of three to five percent is possible.

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This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

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This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

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This is to be considered when buying a sports exhaust!

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