Lanmodo - the automatic umbrella for your car

Lanmodo automatic car tent Protective cover Lanmodo the automatic umbrella for your car


Almost every license holder in Germany also has a vehicle, but not everyone can afford the luxury of protecting and safely parking the car in a garage, carport or any other subcontractor. The car is therefore exposed to all weather conditions such as sunshine, rain, hail, etc. These influences have a direct impact on the vehicle paint and can sometimes result in horrendous impairments in the event of a later sale. And also with regard to the warming in the cabin, a stand for the car is always an advantage. If the vehicle is in the blazing sun, everyone knows the feeling of not wanting to lean in after getting in or you don't dare to touch the steering wheel and even putting in the right gear / gear becomes a challenge. Everything, including the air you breathe, is scorching hot and uncomfortable. In addition, the partially released gases from the boiling plastic parts are anything but beneficial to health.

Protection in all seasons & also a camping tent

Lanmodo automatic car tent Tarpaulin 2 Lanmodo the automatic umbrella for your car

One solution to this problem is the automatic car tent (automatic umbrella) from Lanmodo. It is almost an umbrella for the car that protects the paint and also ensures that the cabin heats up much more slowly and less. The vehicle can stand in the blazing sun for many hours and still it is possible to get in and drive off without the fear of burns or shortness of breath. But Lanmodo's automatic folding tarpaulin can do even more. It not only protects in summer but also in winter, spring or autumn from the influences of nature. Heavy snow, hail or small flying branches or chestnuts from trees in autumn are just a few examples of what a car has to endure outside. Regardless of the season, the automatic car tent Lanmodo is a must for car lovers and as a highlight it can even be used as a camping tent. On you will receive further information and if you order the sun / umbrella for your car you will receive with the code "LMDCT-TU" even a discount.

the most important details summarized:

  • Car tarpaulin, sun / umbrella for the car
  • waterproof
  • protects against rain & heat in summer, snow in winter, leaves and branches in autumn, hail in spring, etc.
  • Material: fiberglass frame
  • is attached to the car roof using a suction cup (suction cup holds up to 70 kg, there are no scratches on the paint)
  • unfolds at the push of a button
  • plus fastening ropes for door handles and exterior mirrors
  • Windproof (withstands wind speeds up to 50 km / h)
  • With battery for up to 500 applications (charging at the socket or at the cigarette lighter / 12V socket in the car, USB port for the power supply of external devices)
  • Protection against theft (can only be folded in by remote control, including steel cable for further protection against theft)
  • optional stand for conversion to a pop-up tent (side panels available)

Of course that had not happened yet!

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