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With its torrent, the parts cleaning service of NCH GmbH calls on 500 companies in German-speaking countries to participate. The provider asks companies from industry, trade or construction to find a component that cannot be cleaned within 60 seconds. NCH ​​carries out this work on site at the customer. The cleaning device cleans industrial components that come from different production areas and promises five times faster cleaning than other parts cleaners. You can find application examples at

The man-sized high-pressure cleaner Torrent 500 is used to clean various parts that the industry needs. With the closed unit, users can quickly and accurately clean the parts that can weigh up to 50 kilograms. There is no danger of coming into contact with chemicals while working, because the cleaning device has an insulated glove box and a work sheet that holds components measuring 650 by 450 by 400 millimeters in size.

When manufacturing the Torrent 500, NCH considered important aspects such as corporate productivity and environmental protection. Therefore, the innovative cleaning device overcomes the most difficult challenges. Motor mounts, shafts and cylinder heads remove impurities from the machine. Components such as gears clean the device as well as production residues and dirt. The high-pressure cleaner is suitable for removing greasy and oily deposits.

With other cleaning methods, vendors use harsh chemicals as solvents. Most of the time, the parts have to soak overnight before hours of manual work are carried out to counteract the deposits. Employees are exposed to “aggressive solvents” and “skin irritation from hydrocarbons”, warns Csaba Kisari, who works as marketing manager for the parts cleaning innovation platform at NCH Europe.

Safety and health risks are the consequences of conventional cleaning. So that companies can use efficient and health-promoting methods for cleaning, NCH is now offering a rental service for its Torrent 500. “It's safer for the user,” says Kisari. After all, the rentable high-pressure cleaner would work much more environmentally friendly, which would revolutionize cleaning work. "The device cleans 90 percent within a minute," emphasizes Kisari, who speaks of monthly savings of 600 euros.

The pressure washer uses the latest technology, combining water-based cleaning fluid with heat and high pressure. The Torrent 500 produces eight times less hazardous waste than other devices for partial cleaning. Industrial companies can now take part in the competition. Companies register free of charge on the website at can be reached.

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