No Christmas present yet? How about the Saphe Drive Mini Traffic Alert!

Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm radar detector test report 3

What could be nicer than giving your loved ones a little security for the party? Of the Saphe Drive Mini allows exactly that. The small traffic alarm detects obstacles, warns of dangers and does not always have to be manually connected to the smartphone. The gadget gives the necessary comfort and the feeling of security to get through the Christmas season safely. An unbeatable price-performance ratio (only 39 euros) and a high level of compatibility with almost all smartphones allows a smooth process in terms of connection and functionality.

Have a safe trip!

Technology allows us to get from one place to another more and more safely. The Saphe Drive Mini is the best example of this: The compact traffic alarm helps drivers to comply with the regulations and also warns the user of obstacles/problems on the route. The Saphe Drive Mini supports all types of traffic cameras and reliably warns of traffic obstacles and speed controls. This can be crucial to prevent accidents. And the Saphe traffic alarm (no matter what type) is so successful because it always gets the latest data from and from one of the largest traffic communities in Europe with more than 11 million participants.

Color display for traffic warners / supports all common radar systems / starts automatically and is easy to use / the data comes from, among others (One of the largest transport communities in Europe with data from more than 11 million road users)

Safe driving is not only guaranteed by the valuable information and warnings, but also by the size and clarity of the display. Of the Saphe Drive Mini has a practical display, on which he warns drivers of mobile speed cameras, vehicles in the hard shoulder, road radars, accidents or other obstacles. The warning system thus prevents unnecessary surprises on the road. And the Saphe Drive Mini also warns you about a low battery level (Battery lasts about 3 months) or a missing data connection.

What is Saphe anyway?

Saphe offers so-called traffic alert in different versions. There is the classic one Saphe OnePlus, the Saphe Drive Mini and the cheapest model Saphe MC for the motorcycle. Which model is the right one depends on individual needs and also on which look you prefer in your own vehicle.

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What are the devices for and what distinguishes them?

At first glance, Saphe devices appear to be designed to to warn of speed cameras. That is correct in principle, the devices can actually warn of speed traps. However, you would do the devices an injustice if you other functions wouldn't even mention. For example, also before Accidents  and hazards warned on the route. A warning is also given if a vehicle breaks down in the hard shoulder.

Compatibility and value for money!

The Saphe Drive Mini Traffic alarm is technologically state-of-the-art and optimally complements safe driving on the road. Of the Saphe Drive Mini can currently be purchased at a price of €39. So that's it  Saphe Drive Mini a favorable investment for a high level of road safety. Such an acquisition as a Christmas gift will show your loved ones how important their safety is to them.


  1. Download “Saphe Link” App (Compatible with: Iphone iOS 14.0 or later, Android 6.0 or later)
  2. Saphe device only needs to be installed and paired with the smartphone the first time


  • If possible, mount it within your reach so that the display can be seen clearly (on the windshield, on the dashboard)
  • Mounting the Saphe Drive Mini using an adhesive pad
    - Two brackets for 60 and 80 degree inclination are included
  • optional invisible months also possible in the glove compartment, the center console, etc
    – still fully functional


  1. the Saphe Drive Mini is paired via Bluetooth
  2. Multiple devices can be paired via Bluetooth (only one at a time)
  3. Saphe Drive Mini also works when listening to music via Bluetooth on the smartphone

Multiple cars, multiple users

  • Saphe Drive Mini can be connected to multiple smartphones at the same time
  • a smartphone can be connected to several Saphe devices

Operation and Alarms

  • the Saphe Drive Mini can be operated without being distracting
  • the Saphe Drive Mini has two buttons (report speed traps and accidents/dangers)
  • built-in speakers
  • Loudspeaker works independently of the sound settings of the smartphone
  • Saphe Drive Mini only works together with the smartphone
  • Alarm types are shown on the LED color display

product specifications

  • Size: 59,5 36 x x 15 mm
  • Weight: 115 g
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Charging: about 3-4 times a year
  • Package content: Saphe Drive Mini, Saphe Drive adhesive pads, two mounts.
  • Note: The charging cable is not included.

Saphe DriveMini review

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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