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Improved timing belt, pulleys and camshaft gears!

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Engine cover carbon cover engine cover 5 e1576561612429 Improved timing belt, pulleys and camshaft sprockets!

If you want to tune your engine and get it ready for motorsport or at least for more power, you need high-quality tuning components. The components should not only make the engine more powerful, they should also ensure smooth engine operation and permanent power. The engine must not soot the operation, but should remain as clean as possible. And all auxiliary units must also run optimally. Automotive parts that ensure smooth running are belt drives, for example. Improved belt drives offer the possibility to use the entire engine potential.

Improved belt drives

Toothed belt pulley camshaft sprocket e1578576957836 Improved toothed belt, pulley and camshaft sprockets!

Aluminum belt drives are commercially available, which can provide increased engine acceleration through improved engine response. If high-quality timing belt drives suitable for motorsport are used, then the maximum boost pressure can be reached with ease. This enables a slip-free and constant power transmission, for example to G-Lader. High-quality belt drives consist of belt pulleys, camshaft sprockets, toothed belts, crankshaft sprockets and vibration dampers. Other vehicle accessories suitable for motorsport and tuned engines are also available from specialist retailers (all information on changing the timing belt).

Components for all engine types

Toothed belt pulley camshaft sprocket 2 Improved toothed belt, pulley and camshaft sprockets!

All important tuning automotive parts for an improved belt drive are commercially available. Known tuning providers usually also offer tuning parts for all engine types. Whether Toyota, Audi, Porsche, VW or any other type of car, improved timing belts, pulleys, camshaft sprockets and other belt drive parts are available for every vehicle. If you want to tune the engine, you should also be interested in improved vibration dampers, for example, which are suitable for powerful VR6 engines. Improved vibration dampers are equipped with a gel filling. The gel filling prevents negative vibrations on the crank mechanism. With standard vibration dampers, negative vibrations can occur over the entire speed range. Tuned engines often have high speeds, which can lead to broken crankshafts in extreme vibrations. Improved vibration dampers with gel filling are, depending on the manufacturer, suitable for high speeds and absorb the vibrations.

Pulley Kits - What Do They Bring?

Toothed belt pulley camshaft sprocket 3 e1578577147805 Improved toothed belt, pulley and camshaft sprockets!

In the tuning trade you can buy pulley kits, which should strengthen / improve the belt drive in the area of ​​the crankshaft. The belt drive on the crankshaft is known as an engine weak point, particularly in the case of engines with improved performance. If, for example, additional guide pins are installed there, the higher forces can no longer affect the motor. The prerequisite, however, is that the additional guide pins are made of qualitative, high-strength materials, such as quality steel. When buying a kit should be purchased that is easy to install and improved pulleys, tensioners and a new one water pump has with it.

Improved timing belt kit

An improved timing belt kit is suitable for high-performance engines and can be purchased, for example, for the popular 1.8T engines from VW / Audi. The kits bring maximum reinforcement for the control side and are necessary from an increase in performance to + 300-PS. High-performance timing belts, pulleys and camshaft sprockets can help prevent engine damage. The kits are also needed, for example, for engines that have reinforced valve springs. But if engines are tuned, then not only improved belt drives are necessary. Other automotive parts, such as the water pump, should also be able to cope with the high engine output. Timing belts and other parts of the belt drive should be checked and serviced regularly. An exchange is absolutely necessary at certain intervals. With a tuned engine much earlier than with a standard.

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Burnout instructions cavalier start Improved toothed belt, pulleys and camshaft gears!

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Efficiency from the turbocharger - vacuum unit

Vacuum can Vacuum can Turbodose 2 e1578550465305 310x165 Improved timing belt, pulleys and camshaft gears!

So that the spark jumps - better ignition cables!

Z% C3% BCend cable Z% C3% BCendleitung Z% C3% BCndspule 7 e1578545941730 310x165 Improved toothed belt, pulleys and camshaft sprockets!

The water temperature at a glance - the cooling water cover!

K% C3% BCooling water cap K% C3% BCooling cap K% C3% BCooling fluid cap 3x4 Improved timing belt, pulleys and camshaft sprockets!

For durability - the block stiffening plate in the engine!

Block reinforcement plates Bedplate reinforcement 4 310x165 Improved toothed belt, pulleys and camshaft sprockets!

More smoothness and driving comfort - engine mounts & brackets!

Engine mount bracket electronically active 3 310x165 Improved toothed belt, pulleys and camshaft sprockets!

For the roll cage - install suitable cage pads!

K% C3% A4figpolsterung Impallschutz% C3% 9Cberrollb% C3% BCgelpolster e1578489161897 310x165 Improved timing belt, pulleys and camshaft sprockets!

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