Hyundai Motor Company 1967 was founded by the South Korean Chung Ju-yung and belongs to the Hyundai Motor Group, including the Korean automaker Kia belongs. The manufacturer is known for low-cost micro, small and mid-size cars. Among the best-known models of this vehicle class are the i10, the i20 and the i30. With their low prices Hyundai makes the other car manufacturers a challenge. They are conquering increasingly larger market shares in Germany. Although these vehicles are more for bargain hunters, but some models conquer the hearts of tuning fans. In particular, their low weight allows much potential for autotuning. The optical tuning here are no limits. Thus, the low-priced small cars turn into small sports cars and optical eye-catchers. The range of additional parts, optical elements is very extensive. Performance increases are through Chiptuning possible. But Hyundai is also future-oriented and offers with the Hyundai Ioniq Electric an alternative to the competitor Toyota Prius.

Driving pleasure booster for the facelift: H&R sport springs for the Hyundai I30N

Hyundai i30N Facelift Sport Springs Front 310x165 Driving pleasure booster for the Facelift: H&R Sport Springs for the Hyundai I30N

[Advertisement] Hyundai's compact sports car has experienced its first facelift. The bestseller of the in-house "N" department got some optical retouching, but also a shovel more power, which now culminates in 280 hp and almost 400 Newton meters of torque. It goes without saying that the H&R engineers immediately ...

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