Power boost for a cult car: The Audi RS2 with 450 hp!

The Audi RS2, created in cooperation with Porsche, caused astonished faces even then with its 315 hp. Its five-cylinder turbo has now achieved cult status. However, if the usual performance loses its appeal and you want to breathe new life into your power combination, a turbo upgrade can work wonders. The TurboZentrum has the standard built-in K24 Turbo so modified that he now proud 450 PS pushes. Despite the optimization, it remains externally unchanged and fits seamlessly into the RS2 – both in terms of structure and response and boost pressure build-up.

Upgrade loader for the Audi RS2

In comparison to Stage 1 optimization lies the difference one Stage 2 variant in the size of the compressor wheel. This may sound simple, but in practice it is complex. First, the dimensions and contours of the wheel are determined, which on the one hand fit into the compressor housing and on the other hand work harmoniously with the rest of the turbocharger, especially the exhaust shaft. Many manufacturers tend to choose a currently available or particularly large wheel, but neglect the relationship to the exhaust side and thus the resulting performance. Since the TurboZentrum is able to mill compressor wheels according to individual specifications, the optimum in performance, response behavior and top-end performance can always be achieved.

the load on the charger decreases

This not only brings significantly increased top-end performance, but also reduces the load on the turbocharger. Because the turbo already delivers significantly lower charger speed the standard air mass - and can thus also be adjusted taking durability into account. The compressor housing is then milled to the required size. At the same time, the gap size is optimized. In addition, all Stage 2 upgrades will be given reinforced bearings, to ensure the longevity of the turbo and withstand the increase in power. It is also possible to send in a used turbocharger for optimization.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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