Fierce - 800 PS & 980 NM in the G-Power BMW M5 F90

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G Power BMW M5 F90 Tuning 2018 9 Fierce 800 PS & 980 NM in G Power BMW M5 F90

He is unforgettable - the one 820PS E61 M5 Touring from the tuner G-Power! At that time, however, you had to put in an incredible amount of effort to tease out such a huge increase in performance from the 507 hp of the S85-V10 vacuum cleaner with 40 valves. A bi-compressor system in combination with countless other modes ensured the forced ventilation and the crazy result of 820PS / 790NM in the touring or 830PS / 810NM in the sedan. A fabulous value that accelerated the sedan to an incredible 372,1 km / h (Touring 362 km / h) and set the benchmark in this class. Two generations later, G-Power shows that 800 PS & 980 NM can be achieved much easier in the current generation of the M5 (F90). Background is the much better base. The sixth generation of the M5 with S63B44Tx-V8 comes with bi-turbo charging from the factory, making the conditions considerably more pleasant.

⚠ Carbon bonnet available ➡ klick

G Power BMW M5 F90 Tuning 2018 2 Fierce 800 PS & 980 NM in G Power BMW M5 F90

The result is on request 700, 750 or the aforementioned maximum 800 PS & 980 NM torque. However, G-Power also benefits a little from the factory spread. In the last few months it became clear again and againthat the engine ex works, instead of the specified maximum 625 PS, in some cases quite nearly mobilized 700 PS. Since a performance increase by means of chip tuning on now 800 PS is relatively easier to implement than the E60 / E61. G-Power makes this possible in two different ways. The customer can apply for the Performance Software V1 decide to bring a map adjustment directly to the original BMW control unit, or G-Power installed the well-known performance module V1 that is clamped as an additional control unit in front of the engine control unit.

Titanium exhaust system with 4x 100 mm tailpipes

G Power BMW M5 F90 Tuning 2018 3 Fierce 800 PS & 980 NM in G Power BMW M5 F90

For the Stage 2 However, only the performance software V2 (for the control unit) and only in combination with a set of in-house downpipes and special catalytic converters, the increased performance is achieved. The same applies to Stage 3 which also includes a revision of the turbocharger (larger turbine and compressor wheels, optimized housing, enlarged intake area) and a titanium exhaust system with chic 4 x 100-millimeter carbon-titanium tailpipes required. Everything is coordinated by means of each other Stage-V3-G-POWER Performance Software which also eliminates the electronic limit of maximum speed. The strongest variant provides a top speed of over 335 km / h and an acceleration to 100 km / h in just 2,9 seconds.

optional G-POWER VENTURI RR bonnet

G Power BMW M5 F90 Tuning 2018 9 Fierce 800 PS & 980 NM in G Power BMW M5 F90

And this is also noticeable optically because G-Power offers additional optical modifications for the M5. One of the highlights is definitely the G-POWER VENTURI RR engine hood (not installed here), which is made entirely of carbon and provides a significantly improved and active ventilation of the engine compartment while driving. There is also the well-known and proven Hurricane RR-Schmiederadsatz in the format 21 inch. It fits perfectly with the classic double-spoke design to the elegant sedan and fills the wheel arches, thanks to subtle lowering (possibly G4M threaded springs installed), consistently.

G-POWER supercharger

Chiptuning G Power BMW M5 F90 6 Violent 800 PS & 980 NM in G Power BMW M5 F90

The presentation vehicle also received a typical G-Power engine cover in orange, G-Power emblems front and rear and apparently also an optimized brake system (Calipers with orange accents). Unfortunately, more details are not available for the G-Power M5 at the moment. If we receive timely information about the changes to the suspension or the brake there is of course as always an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

(Photos: G-Power)

These are the changes to the BMW M5 F90:

  • Performance increases in three stages to 700 PS, 750 PS or 800 PS - Level 1 on 700 PS & 840 Nm (Performance Module V1)
    - Level 2 on 750 PS & 920 NM (Performance Software V2, G-POWER downpipes including catalysts)
    - Level 3 on 800 PS & 980 NM (performance software V3, G-POWER downpipes including catalysts, revised turbocharger, titanium exhaust system with four 100-millimeter carbon-titanium tailpipes)
  • top speed Stage 3 over 335 km / h
  • 0 on Tempo 100 after 2,9 Seconds (Stage 3)
  • G-POWER VENTURI RR bonnet, or VENTURI RS bonnet (made entirely of carbon), front splitter CS, diffuser CS, rear spoiler CS
  • Hurricane RR Forged Wheels (20 or 21 inch format)
  • Lowering (G4M coil springs)

G Power BMW M5 F90 Tuning 2018 4 Fierce 800 PS & 980 NM in G Power BMW M5 F90

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G Power BMW M5 F90 Venturi Carbon Bonnet Tuning 4 Violent 800 PS & 980 NM in G Power BMW M5 F90

News from 08.04.2019

G-Power now also has a noble carbon bonnet for the M5 F90 at the start. Including VENTURI engine compartment ventilation, the new hood should enable even more cooling and thus more performance. The carbon bonnet ensures weight reduction and thanks to "DYNAMIC VENTING" technology (Ventilation openings in the area of ​​the vacuum zone including specially shaped power domes), the negative pressure is amplified which causes the component formally sucks the hot exhaust air from the engine compartment. This ensures lower temperatures, which in turn benefits the performance. On request, there are also chic carbon accessories, such as the kidneys in the front grille, and the carbon spoiler lip at the rear.

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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