Friday May 14th 2021


The British sports car manufacturer Lotus goes back to Colin Chapman, who started his career in the automotive industry with special designs in the year 1947. Five years later, Chapman founded Lotus. The first successful production model of Lotus was the Mark VI, which was sold as a kit. Despite the very low production of only about 100 cars, the Mark VI celebrated countless success in car racing. In the following years, Lotus developed a series of sports and racing cars that also won the legendary 24-hour race at Le Mans. Also in the Formel1 Lotus had some very successful years and won several times the world champion title of the designers. In the 1980er and 1990er years, the company changed hands several times. Today Lotus is majority owned by the Chinese manufacturer Geely. With their long history in the sports and racing car segment, Lotus vehicles are among the most popular auto-tuning models. The tuning of Lotus models includes, among other things, the modification of gear, body and engine components.

2019 Widebody Mansory Lotus Evora GTE Final Edition

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MANSORY, the globally recognized specialist for the finest automotive refinements, presents its updated aerodynamics program for the Lotus EVORA and EVORA S. Precisely fitting body components made of ultra-light autoclave carbon as well as an extensive tuning program can now be purchased from the headquarters in Brand / Bavaria or via the global sales network ...

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