Brutal athlete: 702 hp MH4 GTR II based on the BMW M4 CSL!

MH4 GTR II BMW M4 CSL G82 Tuning Manhart Performance 8

GTR - this combination of letters is a promising abbreviation for many motorsport and tuning fans, as it stands for Gran Turismo Racing. The Manhart Performance team has also often used the abbreviation to designate particularly spectacular creations. That's how he made his debut MH2the MH3the MH5 and of course the MH4 GTR II. After the first top athlete with this name was still based on the first M4 of the F82 series, the new model is now of course based on the G82. In the case of the vehicle shown in the pictures, this is not just any M4, but a copy of the special model limited to 1.000 pieces CSL. While the regular M4 Competition, which can also serve as the basis for the MH4 GTR II, already has 510 hp and 650 Nm, the CSL is a little better equipped with 550 hp ex works.


Thanks to the proven in-house MHtronikauxiliary control unit the MANHART team pushed the three-liter, biturbocharged S58 straight-six to a whopping 702 hp and 880 Nm. In addition, there is a MANHART stainless steel tailpipe that ends in four 110 mm tailpipes (coated with carbon or ceramic).exhaust system. This optionally closes via MANHART down pipes Race without catalytic converters or MANHART Downpipes Sport with 300 cell GESIcatalysts to the aggregate. However, due to the lack of TÜV approval, both variants are intended exclusively for export, as are the MANHART OPF-Delete-replacement pipes with 200-cell HJS catalysts and the MANHART OPF/GPF deleter. Although not implemented in the case of the vehicle shown, we at MANHART offer individual upgrades to match the increased power on request Bremsanlage.

MANHART coil springs by H&R

MH4 GTR II BMW M4 CSL G82 Tuning Manhart Performance 6

From a visual point of view, the MH4 GTR based on the G82 is also characterized by various refinements - starting with the lowering, which our MANHART chassis optimization including height-adjustable MANHARTthread springs by MR is to be owed. Last but not least, it also guarantees that the new, forged alloy wheels Forged+ 1 by Yido performance are perfectly aligned under the fenders. The wheels measure 10×20 inches with 275/30 tires at the front and 11×20 inches with 295/30 tires at the rear. The rim color can be configured individually if desired. In this case, Matte Black was chosen together with an orange-red accented double spoke - perfectly matching the styling of the body. Finally, this shows a black finish including typical MANHARTDecor set, which is shown here in orange-red.

18-piece MANHART carbon body kit

The colored decorative strips also emphasize various components of our 18-piece MANHART carbon body kit: It includes a bonnet with GTR air intakes, a spoiler and side aero flicks for the front, fender side louvers, side skirts, two-piece rear side louvers, a diffuser, a two-part rear skirt add-on and a three-part one rear spoiler. Refining the interior MANHARTFoot mats and SCHROTH 4-pointracing harnesses, whose rear attachment points have a ClubsportRoll bar forms. To round things off, the MH4 GTR II comes with an associated motorsport helmet made of carbon for rapid racing. At the end... for us the tuning BMW for the year 2022! If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Brutal athlete: 702 hp MH4 GTR II based on the BMW M4 CSL!
Photo credit: Manhart Performance
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