RAM TRX 6×6 with 1.200 hp Hellephant V8 from Hennessey!

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RAM TRX 6×6 Hellephant V8 Hennessey Performance Tuning 8

In 2020, the American tuner and small series manufacturer Hennessey performance is Mammoth Ram TRX 6×6 with 1.200 hp announced. A lot of time has passed since then and, to be honest, we didn't really believe that the project would actually be implemented. But that's exactly what happened! The team from Texas introduced the completely crazy Ram TRX the days. And as announced, it wasn't just an additional one axis added, but also a new one engine. At least for "three" special vehicles. Because with an engine swap, there should only be exactly three copies of the limited edition. And the new power unit misses the six-wheeled monster truck by far 1.000 PS. There he can RAM 1500 TRX "Warlord" 6×6, which was the first conversion based on the TRX, by the way Apocalypse Manufacturing, pack well. Because he has to put up with the series performance so far. The Mammoth Ram isn't Hennessey's first six-wheeled creature, by the way. You could already gain experience with that Goliath 6 × 6 and the Velociraptor 6×6.

Mammoth 1000 TRX 6×6

The wait for the next six-pointer from Hennessey was definitely worth it, in our opinion. In our opinion, there is currently nothing comparable on the road. And it doesn't matter if Hennessey keeps the TRX's 6,2-liter V8 in or the Mopar Hellephant crate engine installed. Both are at the end about 1.000 PS strong.

But first we come to the new dimensions of the body. The truck is very wide and measures an impressive 223,52 centimeters and a good 2,10 meters in height. The real highlight is of course the Length. Because that is due to the additional axis now at an insane 7,19 meters. John Hennessey’s statement goes with this: “Everything about the Mammoth 6×6 is bigger, badder and more imposing – plus it's still super fast while being an absolute off-road powerhouse. He is the undisputed king of the road“. And we'll sign that immediately! Because in addition to the extended load area as well as the fully functional third axis it's especially the tuned ones Enginesthat convince.

only three times with Hellephant Crate engine

RAM TRX 6×6 Hellephant V8 Hennessey Performance Tuning Motorswap

The beast is usually powered by the engine from the Ram TRX. This is known to be a supercharged one 6,2 liter V8. However, Hennessey has installed numerous upgrades and has given the engine one, among other things 2,65 liter superchargedto power up 1.012 PS & 1.314 Nm of torque to raise Compared to the standard engine of the TRX with 711 PS & 881 NM torque, this is of course a powerful premium. Also a new one pulley for the compressor, others spark, High flow injectors, Crankcase ventilation and an Chiptuning belong to. It gets even more extreme with the Hellephant V8 under the sheet. Hennessey built it in about 1 year ago THIS Ram TRX and then the transformation to 6 × 6 began there too. The result is one of a total of three planned RAM TRX 6×6 with Hellephant V8 and an increase in performance to insane levels 1.200 PS.

many changes to the body

The vehicle from the video below is the first Hellephant-6×6 RAM TRX (the photos show a vehicle with TRX-V8) and like all 6×6 TRX conversions it has a lockable one differential in the process, an extended one load area, new front and rear bumper, an additional LED lighting and a massive 20 inches Rims 37 inch (0,94 m) Off-road tires.

To do this, Hennessey installed a Lift Kit on the front axle, there are electronically foldable treads and also a few details in the cabin. You can see embroidered ones headrestsVarious Hennessey and Mammoth emblems And on top of that, there's even a two-year guarantee. Incidentally, according to Hennessey, the truck is the largest the company has ever built and has a total of 12 vehicles (three of them with Hellephant V8) priced at over $449.550 (with TRX powerplant). Incidentally, it is not yet known what one of the three vehicles with an engine swap should cost. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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RAM TRX 6×6 with 1.200 hp Hellephant V8 from Hennessey!
Photo credit: Hennessey performance

RAM TRX 6×6 Hellephant V8 Hennessey Performance Tuning 8

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