Video: stark contrast - Dodge Charger with 2JZ power!

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Dodge Charger with 2JZ Power 4 Video: A stark contrast to the Dodge Charger with 2JZ Power!

We all know the tuning potential of the legendary 2JZ engine from the Toyota Supra, making it one of the most popular Motor swaps at all can be. As a rule, however, the conversions are limited to Japanese vehicles. However, there are always exceptions. And so we already have the 2JZ six-cylinder in Mercedes-Benz AMG G63, in an old Lada, One Rolls-Royce Phantom or a rare one Holden EJ Special Station Wagon seen. And now comes a real American one Muscle car to. Namely the car from Mike Finnegan from the YouTube channel "Finnegan's garage". Because in the new trailer, a rusty one is delighted 1968 Dodge Charger about the 2JZ GTE engine. The vehicle runs as a project "Death Metal Charger“And is of course based on the general condition of the vehicle.

1968 Dodge Charger with 2JZ turbo power!

One joins the engine 9 inch rear axle of Quick Performance and whether that works can be seen in the video for the first ride from the 23:38 minute onwards. Incidentally, the former rear of the 1968 Charger came from a Willys truck from 1949-1953 and had to do without a limited-slip differential. There were also Ford F-250 drum brakes. The Quick Performance 9-inch conversion is much more practical and simply better. He's got one too Double-caliper four-piston Willwood brake system with a second set of brake calipers for the handbrake and for drifting. But the craziest thing about the vehicle, apart from the fact that it barely holds together, is of course that 2JZ engine with turbocharger and mounted in the hood Exhaust and wastegate. There was also a Tremec manual transmission and the rest is best seen in the video.


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