Friday 24th September 2021

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Our huge section Tuning News informs you daily about all news from the tuning scene and in general is the topic Automotive recorded particularly extensively in this category. Of course, there are mainly reports on the subject of auto tuning & tuning in this section, but new "standard" vehicles from Audi RS, BMW M, Mercedes AMG, VW R, Opel OPC, Toyota TRD & Co. are also presented here. There are also all the important innovations from well-known tuners so that the tuning news area is the most active category of at all. Tuning news is also kept up to date on the weekends so that you get the latest information on the tuning and automotive scene as quickly as possible. So if there is a chip tuning, a new coilover kit or a fat body kit that is new on the market, then it will be presented here. So just have a look around and stay up to date on the subject of tuning.

VW Golf 3 "CL" with VR6 engine and contemporary tuning!

VW Golf 3 CL VR6 engine tuning swap 4 310x165 VW Golf 3 CL with VR6 engine and contemporary tuning!

As is well known, there is the typical “pensioner golf”, which usually comes in the simplest equipment variant and in silver. In addition, an automatic converter and a wobbly dachshund on the hat shelf. But the cliché is also known in the worldwide tuning scene, and it is always ...

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