Digital driving license for smartphones: now in the Verimi ID wallet

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The digital driving license on the smartphone is here! Verimi users can now store their driving license data in the Verimi app. The driver's license can be proven easily online using the stored data, eg for the use of car sharing, rental cars or fleet vehicles. In addition, the verified driver's license data for everyday use can be read intuitively and easily on the smartphone as a "show-your-screen". The photo of the original driver's license document will also be available shortly.

digital driving license for the APP

Verimi is thus adding another document to the ID wallet app. So far, users have already been able to enter their identity card, passport, COVID certificate and personal data such as e.g. For example, their e-mail address, telephone number and tax number are verified and saved securely on their smartphone.

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"The driver's license data in the Verimi ID wallet is an important step for a completely digital customer experience when using mobility offers," says Roland Adrian, Managing Director of Verimi. "In order to exploit the full potential of a digital driver's license, the legal framework still needs to be adjusted. Nevertheless, as a pioneer, we made a conscious decision to implement the use cases that are already possible for the mobility industry today and to offer our ID wallet users a safe place for their digital driver’s license data.”

Wallet Plus Driving Licence

In the Verimi app, users enter their driver's license using the photo identification process. To do this, they photograph the front and back of the driver's license and take a selfie. The AI-assisted process takes less than a minute and the data is confirmed in seconds. German and many international driving licenses can be stored in the Verimi ID wallet. Verimi currently supports the current driver's license class B, which, with a few exceptions, covers motor vehicles up to 3.500 kilograms.

all documents in one app

After the federal government withdrew its ID wallet app with the digital driver's license in September 2021, Verimi is now the first provider to offer a comprehensive ID wallet for the relevant ID documents, the driver's license and the COVID certificates. Users place their personal documents verified and secure in their personal ID wallet. The security of the platform has been checked by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), among others.

Currently, only physical documents are officially accepted, so the digital driving license serves as a supplement. Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG) contains the regulations for proving a driver's license. The planned amendment to EU Regulation No. 910/2014 aims to create a framework for a European digital identity to enable EU member states to accept digital proof. This change is currently being dealt with at EU level.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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