Pay attention to the temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

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Spike Tires Tire Spikes Winter Tire Tuning 6 Pay attention to the temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

It's that time of the year again, the summer tires will soon have to be down and the winter tires on. But when you change, you have to not only the time of year must be taken into account, many different factors play a major role. Here are the crucial answers about the topic tire change. On average, the tires on cars are changed twice a year. Many have created their own ideal routine over the years, but many questions often remain unanswered. The following are the most important answers!

Everything about changing tires

When exactly should the change take place? The rule of thumb, which every motorist should have heard, expresses that the summer tires from the time of Easter to October should be used. But this is usually difficult to keep because Easter falls on a different date every year and is sometimes earlier and sometimes later. So the change should be better according to the weather conditions take place. Are the temperatures constant? well above zero, and the cold season is no longer in sight, the summer tires can be changed earlier, if the opposite is to be expected, then the winter tires should remain on the car and a change is not yet necessary.

summer tires winter tires tire change workshop e1618231640311 Note the temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

Who should make the change? The change can be done on your own with appropriate tools, when the summer tires are stored at home. However, if you don't believe in your craftsmanship, you should make an appointment in the workshop of your choice in order to avoid scheduling problems for the change in the high season. Given the ones that still exist Corona situation It should be asked whether the workshop is open after the usual opening times and what else has to be observed. Many workshops have increased their hygiene measures so that the service may not be able to be carried out as usual. Delays or waiting times should therefore be taken into account. You can find more information about this in our article "How does the wheel change by DIY work?".

Important factors when buying tires

When do I have to buy new tires? When changing tires, most of the tires from the previous year can be used. However, if the tires exceed the age limit of 10 years or if they are gone, new ones should be bought. The legislator requires a residual profile of at least 1,6 millimeters, but experts only recommend summer tires 3 millimeters to replace and the winter tires are even 4 millimeters not to fall below. As a rule, the tires on the drive wheels wear out more quickly and it is often enough to just replace them. Of course, it is advisable to order the same type again.

Winter tires Driving summer tires is punishable by a fine Pay attention to the temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

Particularly in vehicles with all-wheel drive you should if possible 4 identical types of tires drive and they should also if possible identical in terms of the tread depth. This avoids tension in the drive train. Mixed tires (different manufacturers / types) are allowed, but care should be taken to ensure that Radial- and Diagonal tires should not can be combined with each other. In addition, the diagonal design is almost exclusively on anyway vintage cars Tip: Shows the tires a strong different profile, then this can affect the driving behavior. There is even more information on the subject of tires in our large guide "Summer tires, winter tires, all-weather tires - mandatory?".

Which tire size is the right one for my car? Car owners who have an "old" vehicle registration you can find the information under the standard dimensions and the numbers 20 and 21 or 22 and 23. You can also use the extra sizes in Field 33 read off under "Comments". It is not that easy when the two-part "Registration Certificate Part I" is available. There is only that smallest allowed size registered. In the EU declaration of conformity for a vehicle from 2005 (short COC paper) the remaining dimensions are listed.

Nitto Recon Grappler AT All Terrain Offroad Tires 2 Pay attention to the temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

However, other dimensions are also possible, but this depends on the axle load and the maximum speed and at the latest then a specialist is required. Many tire dealers offer search engines on their websites that use the vehicle data to find the right tire. Incidentally, which tire may still fit on the vehicle can do that with our tire calculator to be found out!

Which size fits best? As a rule, bigger rims and wider tires always look better. Of course, the price is then also higher. But wider tires are not only visually attractive, they also offer a number of advantages. You brake better on dry roads and cornering stability increases significantly. However, broad stripes are more sensitive to aquaplaning and consumption also increases. At the same time, they usually have less suspension comfort. Therefore, the decision depends on taste and budget.

Chevrolet K10 Pickup Restomod 37 Inch Offroad Tires 6 Note the temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

Premium or cheap tires? Of tires at extremely low prices it is not advised, as these are often imported from China and almost always do poorly in product tests. High-quality tires from the brands Continental, Michelin, Goodyear-Dunlop, Pirelli and Co have been winners among the tires for years. If you don't want to dig deep into your pocket, you can choose brands that are currently in the second row. As a rule, these are hardly worse, but differ in their price range. Premium manufacturers often own Subsidiary brands (Continental / Uniroyal or Goodyear / Fulda) that offer good tires. The decisive factor depends on your own driving profile. If you like it sporty and press the gas pedal, you shouldn't save on the purchase of tires. If you see the car as a simple means of transport, you certainly don't need high-end tires for your daily visit to the city for shopping. And of course she does too Housing situation a difference. If I live in the lowlands, then of course it is different than if I live in the mountains.

trembling Steering wheel imbalance Tire balancing Fine balancing Observe temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

Where do I buy my tires? Nowadays, tires are available (almost) everywhere: at car dealerships, tire dealers, hardware stores and of course on the World Wide Web. Of the Cheap insider is the hardware store that offers the cheapest option. However, they are common there cheap tires that are not exactly recommended from China or retreaded slippers. But such bad tires are also often offered online. But there are also many specialists online for serious tire purchases. They also take care of the assembly, as they usually cooperate with workshop partners on site. The cheap tires from the hardware store or from various online platforms are (legitimately) by the specialist dealer in the place of residence often only raised against higher prices or the months are generally Abgelehnt. One should consider that! And the disposal of old tires should also be taken into account, as a rule the specialist companies dispose of them, but additional costs can arise.

What should you watch out for after the change? An important point with new tires is that first driven carefully will. The tires may react differently than their predecessors and often there are also various stickers, waxes or other means from transport on the tread. New tires are sprayed with a silicone-like release agent when they are vulcanized, which is why they are initially glatt. In the first 200 to 300 kilometers, the coating removes itself and the surface of the tire is roughened and holds better. There is more information about storage in our article "What you should definitely pay attention to when changing to summer tires!".

Trembling Steering wheel imbalance Tire balancing Fine balancing costs Pay attention to the temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

What will happen to the winter tires? The perfect places to keep them are Basement or the Garage. Lie the tires on the rim should have this on top of each other be stored. Specialist shops also have special wall brackets or rim trees to keep the bikes stable and safe. However, before storage takes place, the air pressure should be can be increased by 0,5 barto compensate for the pressure loss during storage. If the tires are stored without rims, it is advisable to lean them vertically against the wall and to rotate the rubbers regularly. It is also important that the rubber does not come into contact with substances such as oil, solvents or the like. The same applies to heat or permanent contact with solar radiation. If there is not enough space in the home, the tires can be stored in workshops or at the dealer for a fee. More information about storage is available in our article "What you need to know about the correct storage of tires!".

Store tires label mark wall Observe temperatures when changing from winter to summer tires!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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