Monday, August 2, 2021

Envy Factor GmbH

Who does not know this feeling when the neighbor has bought a new car, you can see over stealthily and could only explode with envy. This is the feeling that the team at Neidfaktor GmbH has written as their motto and live it! The idea is to tune the car up to withstand all eyes and envy wherever it stands. Neidfaktor GmbH offers a large number of individual interior packages tailored to each customer. Accordingly, the team lives up to its name. Everyone feels differently about envy and imagines something else under his jealousy car. From the elegant classic, to the aggressive and offensive sports car. From the self-assured, laid-back type to the extravagant diva, everything is represented. Autotuning is understood as something very personal, which is reflected in every work of the Neidfaktor GmbH team. The car, no matter if Audi, Lamborghini or VW, experiences just as much sensitivity as the person who drives it. Hardly any other company puts so much “people” into its vehicles as the team from Envy factor.