Sunday 11th April 2021



Sporting vehicles are a way of life. Perfected automobiles also arouse feelings. Anyone who drives a high-performance vehicle from Sportec experiences a fantastic and incomparable relationship between man and machine. The company Sportec was founded 1997. The vision was to realize dreams about automobiles. Sportec is a high-tech company from Switzerland. Its goal is the refinement of selected brands such as AudiSeat or BMW which should be reinterpreted in the highest quality. That's why the company develops autotuning programs. These combine perfection and performance. Thus, Sportec produces a worldwide unique Sportec automobile from a production vehicle. Accordingly, Sportec offers numerous services in the areas of development, maintenance, performance optimization and vehicle programs. When tuning the vehicle, the company offers, among other rims and wheelsets, chassis, exhaust systems, brake systems, aerodynamics and interior design. In addition, there are the performance areas such as Akrapovic exhaust systems, performance, engine accessories or sport air filters. In addition there is the electronics optimization with different offers. The team of engineers, technicians, electronics and draughtsmen also constantly develops new products for completely satisfied customers.