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Rock crawling - the extreme form of off-road driving!

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Rock crawling Rock crawler Rock crawler Tuning e1623143762483 Rock crawling the extreme form of off-road driving!

When "rock crawling“Is going to be a pretty extreme form of off-road driving heavily modified but also with Series vehicles designated. Translated into German, this driving variant means something like "crawling rocks". In “rock crawling”, drivers use either conventional or heavily modified vehicles all wheel drive, such as Trucks, Jeeps or buggies to move in very rough terrain, off the beaten track. The drivers not only cross boulders, but also larger piles of rock or drive through narrow mountain paths. But the speed is not what counts, because with "rock crawling" it comes down to it precision and this can only be guaranteed by driving slowly and carefully. In addition, there is also a high torque, which is generated by large reductions within the drive train, extreme important. Only in this way can "rock crawlers" move over obstacles that actually appear impassable.

Rock crawling for professionals

Rock Crawler Rock Crawler Rock Crawler Tuning 1 Rock Crawling The extreme form of off-road driving!

They are now almost worldwide Rock Crawler Competitions carried out. Some just up facilities and some on national Level. In these competitions, routes with obstacles and gates with a length of 100 to 200 meters have to be mastered. In a way, this is reminiscent of a slalom in the ski world cup circus. Among the pros are mainly jeeps from Chrysler or Mitsubishi Welcome. But other vehicles with all-wheel drive, such as a Lada Niva, Nissan Patrol, a Toyota Hilux (or other Toyota SUV), a Land Rover, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a Santana PS-10, a Ford Bronco, a Suzuki Samurai or an International Harvester Scout are popular.

Vehicles are rarely in series production

Rock Crawler Rock Crawler Rock Crawler Tuning 2 Rock Crawling The extreme form of off-road driving!

Vehicles used for rock crawling are usually also included custom parts which have been installed either by enthusiasts themselves or by a professional workshop. These custom parts include larger ones, for example off-road tires, a All-wheel or heavy-duty steering or a Roll cage to protect the occupants. In addition, there are often new gearboxes and transfer cases, special differentials, winches, paneling on the body, beadlock rims and even complex portal axles with special shock absorbers and a so-called Long stroke suspension installed. Less important however, is the performance, as rock crawlers usually generate enough power via the gear ratios. You have to drive very slowly over the obstacle anyway.

Some tuning parts in detail:

  • When it comes to the special components, the tire a very important role. Mostly they are oversized Low pressure tires and especially coarse off-road tires, which are suitable for muddy terrain, are used.
  • Also a Transfer Case is important to enter at low speeds maximum torque to reach. This allows the vehicles to move optimally over the site.
  • Almost every vehicle also has a significantly optimized one Approach angle to show. This is usually achieved with the Remove the aprons at the front and back or at least the exchange for smaller (shorter) variants.

Boeschungswinkel Ueberhangwinkel Rampenwinkel Tuning Rock crawling the extreme form of off-road driving!

  • Rock crawler usually equip the vehicles with various Elevations from the accessories. And for cost reasons, they sometimes equip the vehicle with self-made suspension components. The obstacles can only be overcome without damaging the vehicle or getting stuck if the vehicle is raised accordingly and the suspension is better.
  • Lots of suspensions are extremely flexibleso that as much tire surface as possible touches the ground.

Usability of the vehicles!

Since many vehicles are so heavily modified, it is not uncommon for these only offroad and not used in normal traffic. As soon as the vehicles are only driven away from the public roads, the modification options are close to infinite. With enough budget, rock crawlers can put together a vehicle according to their ideas and wishes.

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Rock Crawler Rock Crawler Rock Crawler Tuning 3 Rock Crawling The extreme form of off-road driving!

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