More sportiness - replace the stabilizers on the car

Do you want to be safe in the bends with your vehicle? With the help of an improved stabilizer in combination with a sports suspension, you can reduce the angle of inclination of your vehicle and sometimes improve your grip significantly. Which possibilities are there and which advantages you can enjoy by the installation, you will find out in the following article.

Change stabilizers on the vehicle

You can choose between different types of stabilizers and adjust the driving comfort individually to your ideas. As a rule, the providers refer to the parts as “performance stabilizers” or “sport stabilizers”. They are primarily intended to improve the properties of the chassis. They reduce the lateral inclination when you are cornering or changing direction quickly. Nevertheless, you normally do not have to worry about a loss of comfort from the suspension. By installing the stabilizer, the loads are better distributed when you take turns. The steering behavior of the vehicle is also positively influenced. The tendency to understeer and oversteer, as well as the vehicle's tendency to roll, decrease significantly. The body is additionally stiffened by the stabilizer.

Sport stabilizers and the features:

  • There are adjustable and non-adjustable stabilizers
  • They can be adjusted to your individual wishes on your vehicle
  • improved curve dynamics
  • easier handling
  • reduced sway tendency
  • improved steering behavior

Swap the stabilizers on the vehicle?

If you swap the stabilizers on the vehicle, against high-quality sports stabilizers, then you can perceive an improved driving experience. The performance stabilizers help to improve dynamic driving, especially if you have a sports suspension installed. The sport stabilizers serve to stabilize the struts and help you to a sporty driving feeling. You have better control over your vehicle, can react better on the road, have better grip on all corners. Especially if you are on the racetrack from time to time you will experience all the advantages of sport stabilizers.

What should you pay attention to?

Before you decide on a variant, you should make sure that you have selected model-compatible stabilizers. It is also important to note that the stabilizers are very rarely suitable for vehicles with four-wheel drive. Pay attention to accessories that may not be included in the package. You can get valuable installation tips by downloading the technical documents from the manufacturer.

Manufacturer of high quality stabilizers

Are you looking for a high quality manufacturer of sports stabilizers? These providers can offer you long-lasting stabilizers: EIBACH, H&R, KW, Vogtland, ST Suspensions, etc. And finally ... If you want to emphasize the sporty driving feel, you can replace the stabilizers on the vehicle and significantly increase the sporty driving comfort. With the existing options, you can adjust the suspension to your liking. Especially in corners, you have your vehicle then better under control.

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