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Dominic Toretto Style - the wheelie with the vehicle!

Wheelie Wheely start race track tuning

If a multi-axle vehicle only drives on the rear axle, this is called wheelie or wheely. But that doesn't just work with a lot of engine power! Even an uneven road surface can cause unrest in the front axle, so that the front wheels are in the air at some point. It is rare, but it can happen! This has nothing to do with a wheelie! A wheelie has been associated at least since the final scene of Fast and Furiouswhen Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) gave his Dodge Charger the spurs. But getting a car to do a wheelie is not as easy for the driver and vehicle as one might think. With a bike or motorcycle, a wheelie is less of a problem. Just accelerate quickly, pull up the handlebars and do the wheelie! It's more difficult with a car, but not impossible. And at least you don't have to pull the steering wheel ...

Theory of a wheelie

Wheelie Wheely start racetrack tuning 2

The center of gravity of the vehicle is essential for performing a wheelie. The lower the center of gravity, the more power is required for a wheelie. But cars can also do wheelies. In vehicles with an engine power of over 600 kW, as is common for drag races, for example, wheelies often occur on grippy slopes. Therefore, the so-called Wheelie Bar on. A subsequently installed component that should prevent the car from overturning when starting.

How to make a car wheelie

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If we look at drag racing vehicles, we notice that they have a few special features. The front wheels are usually smaller compared to the huge rear wheels. This makes the vehicle lighter on the front axle and heavier on the rear axle. So the focus shifts to the rear. Most of the time these vehicles have the mentioned wheelie bar on the rear axle. Without this support function, the vehicle would hit the ground due to the pitching moment. Another advantage for a wheelie is if the vehicle is higher in the front than in the rear, which means that the center of gravity moves further back. And of course the rear wheels need a lot of grip for a wheelie. It's best to take it slicks! And warm tires have even better grip, which is why it makes sense to warm up the rear wheels properly. Either with a couple burnouts or with quick laps drifts on the racetrack. Then you can try doing the wheelie. PS: A powerful engine performance should of course also be included. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with 852PS is the right candidate for the wheelie!

Carry out a wheelie by car

If you plan to do a wheelie, you should take a straight straight line (no traffic) search with particularly grippy asphalt. Also make sure that the route offers enough space on both sides and that there are no obstacles in the immediate vicinity. Engage first gear and let the engine run at 1.000-2500 rpm. to run. It's best to use the built-in one Launch control, if available. Here the real muscle car stands out from the production cars. Let go of the clutch as soon as possible (the Manual Gearbox) and then fire. Hold the accelerator pedal on the ground and drive off with a wheelie. If all parameters matched, it worked, if not it was at least a burnout or a fairly quick start. But never try a wheelie on a public street. At least you could get a ticket, but worse, you could hurt someone else or yourself. Never try a wheelie alone. Make sure someone is outside the car to call for help in case something goes wrong.

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