Tried: tire inflator, portable air compressor for all occasions!

Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor Test Report Battery 4


Everyone knows the situation: the summer or winter tires are on the car after the swap too little, there is no pressure on the motorcycle or bicycle, or the beach volleyball or air mattress needs to be inflated on the beach. Countless other situations in which you “need air” could be continued endlessly with examples. And that's exactly what a mobile tire inflator as a portable air compressor is ideal for. And that's exactly what we were able to try out from the manufacturer Reiomo. The following video shows you whether and what the cordless tire inflator with battery and 12-volt adapter is good for.

Reiomo tire inflator tested

the following are the most important technical data:

  • Manufacturer: Veapoot
  • maximum pressure 150 PSI, air flow of 40 l/min., motor 120 W power and 18.500 rpm.
  • wireless or with battery (10000mAh battery)
  • According to the supplier, the battery creates 4 tires from 0 to 35 PSI (to CE standards)
  • LCD display & auto power off, real-time pressure, preset values ​​are displayed, pressure units switching between PSI, KPA, BAR and kg/cm²
  • integrated LED light
  • Safety latch against accidental starting
  • rich accessories (1 x Car Tire Inflator, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 3 x Air Nozzle Cones, 1 x Needle Valve Adapter, 1 x Presta to Schrader Adapter, 1 x 1,5m Extension Air Hose, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Portable Zipper Bag)
  • Cordless runtime of up to 30 minutes (battery)
  • for small cars, SUVs, F-150s, vans, minibuses, RVs and pickup trucks
  • Price about 63 Euro

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  • If the air pressure in the tires is too low, the vehicle consumes more fuel. In addition, the wear on the tires is higher and the driving behavior can change negatively, primarily in curves. On tire inflator is a practical device for measuring the tire pressure and pumping air if necessary.

Regular checks are important!

  • It doesn't matter whether you drive to work, bike to the lake or drive a truck. The tire pressure should be checked every 14 days at the latest. If you want to save yourself the gas station, you can use a tire inflator.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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