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Retrofitting Apple CarPlay installation Tuning Apple Carplay functions all important at a glance


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However, if you prefer living impressions, then you should plan your trip carefully. So if you plan to travel by car, you should download an application that will guide and suggest key points during the journey. One option is Apple Car Play.

How do I set up Apple Car Play?

Um Car Play To connect, you need to meet two conditions - the presence of a car and the presence of an iPhone. The following sequence of actions is very simple.

The first option is a USB connection. The phone must be connected to the USB port on the device using a special cable.

The second method is wireless connection. With the voice command button on the steering wheel, you need to start setting up Car Play. After opening the phone settings, you need to enable the bluetooth connection and find your car in the Car Play tab.

Apple iOS 12 Apple Carplay2 Apple Carplay functions everything important at a glance

Controlling the car game with Siri

The main feature of the application is the convenience that allows you to feel more free on the road and quickly navigate unfamiliar territory. When you sync the application with Siri, you can control Car Play with your own voice.

To do this, you need to hold down the Car Play home button and ask Siri an interesting question at the same time. The Car Play display will then show all possible paths.

In addition, the system can be synchronized with the home gate, and every time you drive to the house with the phrase “open the door”, you perform this action.

Application functions and functions

Car Play is a multifunctional application that makes driving much more comfortable. However, there are a number of basic functions that the system performs.

First of all, this is navigation with maps. By installing a card from any developer, you can control it using voice control. After specifying the desired location, you can get a detailed route from Car Play within a few seconds.

Apple iOS 12 Apple Carplay Apple Carplay functions everything important at a glance

The system also allows you to make calls and send text messages. This can only be done using voice control, voice output or the number of the participant.

And another function is I unterhaltsam. With Car Play you can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks and radio. Long trips can be very tiring and boring. In order not to fall asleep on the street, it is important to keep yourself busy listening to interesting material. In addition, many people don't like to waste their time in vain. That's why they're trying to benefit even the time they spend on the go by listening to webinars, lectures, and audiobooks on the go.

The only disadvantage of the system is that it does not support the car driving functions. In order to control the air conditioning or the driving mode, the driver must therefore switch to the standard interface.

Apps that Car Play supports

Despite the fact that the system only supports a limited number of applications, there are more than enough of them to meet all of the customer's needs. The only limitation is that since the system is official and updated through the Apple Store, it does not support any third party services.

The first app is Apple Music, which is the most popular among drivers. With the help of voice control, it is very convenient to select the title you want. It's also much safer. Now drivers no longer have to be distracted by the phone and look for music there, but can instead control their playlist with their voice while keeping an eye on the road.

car play Apple tuning retrofit Apple Carplay functions all important at a glance

The next application is news. The in-car version is very different from the mobile version as the message history and attachments cannot be viewed in the car. It is only possible to listen to the received message and dictate the reply to it. The message already reaches the addressee in text form, but it should be noted that Siri does not always work perfectly and the message can arrive with funny errors.

However, this is a very good safety net in case you need to send a message urgently.

With the Calls application, you can call any participant by dictating the number or using the buttons on the steering wheel or the physical buttons on the console. There are also applications for maps, Siri and audio books.

In general, the application is very convenient for which it has received high marks from the drivers. Now you can comfortably and safely go on a gambling trip and enjoy your favorite music or exciting audio books.

Retrofitting Apple CarPlay installation Tuning6 Apple Carplay functions all important at a glance

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