Commuting to work - annoying or beneficial?

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Early in the morning, the alarm clock sounds like every day to wake you up repeatedly. This usually happens, as usual, viel zu fruhto start the day refreshed. About 13 million Germans experience such a start to the day every day and this number is multiplied throughout Europe. Later in the day, Germans spend between 15 and 30 minutes driving to work or back home to drive. And are you also affected by this process? Then we have some interesting information below. A study conducted in America examined the ideal commute time. But first important information: Anyone who travels regularly should always have one Saphe Traffic Warner have along. Because they are especially when commuting versatile functions of the Saphe devices extremely helpful. But what exactly makes the little helper so useful? We tell you:

  • the Saphe devices make the journey more predictable and thus more pleasant
  • they give an ultimate Overview about the traffic situation
  • they warn Stau , Danger spots, Speed ​​cameras etc.
  • they show the currently valid one Speed and the Distance to the traffic obstruction
  • they help the fuel consumption to optimize

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But let's get to the study mentioned. came out a total of 16 minutes round trip, instead of the previously assumed 0 Minutes. Some of the respondents would also like to more time spend on commuting between work and home. The researched ideal time of 16 minutes, on the other hand, is optimally suited to gathering one's own thoughts, preparing for the upcoming tasks and switching off again after completing them, as well as processing events that have been experienced. For many years, life as a commuter had a bad social reputation and was considered unpopular. Since the beginning of the pandemic and the age of working from home, however, it seems possible that those affected really miss life as a commuter. Participants in the study mentioned at the beginning stated that they used the time spent commuting in the car sensibly and efficiently.

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The time was often used as an opportunity to consume entertainment media such as podcasts and audio books. That too To phone with friends and the fun of driving were frequently mentioned. And what do you say to that? Does the assessment of travel times seem realistic to you? Are you a commuter yourself and think similarly? Are you already looking forward to the next trip? The reasons for this can have different origins. Maybe the time in the home office or "a little too much time with the family" are to blame. Regulated routines, including commuting in the car, are anyway proven beneficial to mental health. Here you can find out more about reducing the stress of journeys and the possibility of saving money.

Which electric cars for commuters?

  • Below is our list of besten Electric commuter cars for 2022: Opel Corsa-e, VW ID.3, Renault Zoe, VW ID.4, Skoda Enyaq iV, BMW i3, Opel Mokka-e, Mazda MX-30, Hyundai Ioniq, Audi e-tron, Audi Q4 e-tron!
  • As a commuter Employed persons who cover a one-way commute of at least 25 kilometers or alternatively a 40-minute drive are usually recognized. And hard to believe, almost 60% of employees cover distances of up to several hundred kilometers .
  • Within a big city is a commute from one Hour nothing unusual. In this respect, an hour's drive to work and an hour back is fine.
  • Anyone considering moving out of the city will certainly think about it. It worth but mostly only move to the surrounding area if the housing costs are significantly lower than in the nearby city. Finally, the fuel costs or electricity costs for the e-car should not be underestimated. You also have to consider the time required for the commute.

What are the disadvantages of commuting?

  • the time factor, the less flexibility, the increased stress level, the distance to the job, the commuting and the topic of closing time, the costs
  • Since 2022, commuters have received an amount of 21 cents from the 38st kilometer. Up to and including 20 kilometers it is only 30 cents. There has also been a mobility bonus for low earners since 2021.
  • Back pain and even depression can be the causes if you are constantly on the road for more than 1 hour per trip.
  • Despite the gas crisis, the natural gas car is currently the cheapest. At least when there are enough fuel options on the commute. E-cars and plug-in hybrids are no less effective.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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