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Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

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Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

What are the advantages and disadvantages? Reimport of European passenger cars? Numerous car fans dream of a new vehicle. This is because the equipment of the car can be configured and thus adapted to the buyer's expectations. It also includes the most modern technology and you are up-to-date. And the new car guarantee is included with the purchase. Furthermore, nobody has driven the vehicle before. What more do you want? In order to pay less when buying a car, many potential buyers come across offers for so-called when searching Reimport vehicles. But what is it about? Below we explain what for Benefits and Disadvantages reimported vehicles offer what to look for when buying and how much can be saved.

Reimport / gray import vehicle

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  1. What about reimports?
  2. better let the dealer import it
  3. Why can you save money?
  4. Advantageous for buyers from Germany?
  5. Why vehicles from Denmark?
  6. What is the administrative burden?
  7. overpass
  8. Reimport cars and warranty?
  9. Auto reimport disadvantages?

What about reimports?

Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

The reimported car was actually Made in Germany. It was previously intended for sale outside of Germany. Therefore, the vehicle was transferred there. However, the car will be returned to Germany. That is why it is called the process Vehicle re-import. Specifically: These are vehicles that were intended for sale abroad, but were returned to Germany after the sale. The buyer is welcome to drive abroad himself to purchase the desired reimported passenger car. From there the customer can transfer it to Germany. However, this approach means a high one Administrative burden. We will come back to this later. Back to overview

better let the dealer import it

Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

On the other hand, there are numerous dealers across Germany who have made it their business to sell such cars and also offer financing & Co. Who at a broker or in a car dealership Reimport vehicle does not have to deal with a large administrative burden. The dealer takes care of the relevant formalities. However, he also wants to be paid for it. It is advisable to inquire about different dealers in advance and to contact them in order to make an informed decision. You don't buy from a German dealer, but from one Intermediary, then this often only mediates contact with foreign car salesmen. If that is the case, then applies when buying a car the foreign law. Back to overview

Why can you save money when reimporting?

The most advantageous thing about the re-import of passenger cars is that you can sometimes benefit from substantial discounts on new vehicles. Usually there is the possibility of approx Save 25-30. Depending on the manufacturer and model, a discount of up to 40 percent can sometimes be granted. But how does this high price difference come about?

The first thing to be aware of is that the price is lower for re-imports not is declared due to a poor quality of the passenger car. The vehicles concerned, such as a reimported transport or SUV, are manufactured in the same factories and with the same care as the models that are intended for sale in Germany. There are rather other aspects that enable cheap reimports. This includes that price level in the respective country, the incurred there Value-added tax and any additional Taxes.

Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

Compared to numerous other European countries, the wage level in Germany is high. Because people have more money, manufacturers have an opportunity to raise vehicle prices as a result. On the other hand, in Poland and other countries in which people receive lower wages on average, prices are reduced. Because of this, manufacturers make it possible for their cars to be sold in countries with low wages. If the new passenger cars cost as much as they do in this country, the result would be a collapse in sales for the providers. The Value-added tax is another reason why savings can be made when reimporting a vehicle. In Germany it is 19 percent. (The Netherlands: 21 percent, Poland: 23 percent, Sweden: 25 percent, Denmark: 25 percent, Finland: 24 percent, Italy: 22 percent) Back to overview

Why advantageous for buyers from Germany?

When reimporting a car, the customer does not pay the VAT of the country from which the vehicle is imported, but that of the country in which the new vehicle is registered. So if you buy a reimported car from Sweden, for example, you do not pay the VAT from there 25 percent, but instead the rate of 19 percent. This saves six percent. At a price of 70.000 euros, you would get a decent amount of 4.200 euros less numbers.

However, with regard to taxation in countries such as Denmark or the Netherlands, there is another point to consider. In the states, additional taxes are due in addition to VAT. In Denmark, when buying a new passenger car, one of the things that is used is a special one Registration tax which is up to 180 percent and thus burdens vehicle buyers very much. So that cars can still be paid for and the manufacturers' vehicles sold there, the net purchase prices are often well below the German level. Back to overview

Vehicles from Denmark are often well equipped

Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

If you buy a reimported car from Denmark, you can expect the vehicle to be in the Basic Equipment brings many extras. Why? Optional extras are taxed high there. So that the vehicles remain attractive to interested parties, the manufacturers are equipping them very well for the Danish market, even in the basic version. This eliminates the additional taxation for the buyer. Back to overview

What are the administrative costs involved in purchasing?

Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

Even if you can save a lot when buying a reimported car, you should keep in mind that buying such a car always entails a certain administrative burden. If you buy a car abroad and do the formalities yourself, you have to expect a lot of additional work. (Overpass, Kurzzeitkennzeichen is not recognized abroad, export or Transfer indicator or transfer on a trailer, insurance (eVB), original proof of purchase, COC papers, tax office, original invoice, etc.) Back to overview

The transfer must take place first.

To register the reimported car, it is important to get back to the Insurance take care of. And of course this includes the eVB number. Because the vehicle cannot be registered without the electronic insurance confirmation. For example, the original receipt for the purchase of the passenger car must be presented to the registration office. Furthermore, the COC documents as essential. After the transfer of the car you have to go to the responsible office the Finanzamt . VAT for re-imports must be paid within ten days of the vehicle's arrival in Germany. The original invoice must be submitted for this. Back to overview

Do reimported cars have a guarantee?

Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

A decisive criterion for a reimported vehicle is the guarantee. If the car was bought in a European country, you benefit from the same guarantee regulations as if you bought it in this country. It is possible at any authorized workshop to assert one's own claims. However, one is required to have one Guarantee certificate to own. In addition, certain entries should have been made in the service book, such as the chassis number and the Extradition- respectively Handover date. Furthermore, the authorized dealer abroad must have stamped the booklet. Back to overview

Are there any disadvantages to auto reimport?

Not just the high one already mentioned Administrative burden is a disadvantage when reimporting vehicles. You should also be aware that there can be considerable differences in the basic equipment of the same version in different countries. In Scandinavian countries, winter equipment is essential, while in southern European countries air conditioning is standard in the vehicle. In many countries, the safety regulations differ from those in this country. It can therefore happen that we do not have the usual security features. Even one electronic immobilizer is not part of the basic equipment in all countries. However, many require them Insurance companies in Germany in order to be able to insure the vehicle. If it is not included, the insurance premium can increase significantly or the insurance company rejects a policy completely. Back to overview

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

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Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

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Buying a re-import / gray import vehicle makes sense?

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  1. Thanks for the informative contribution on the subject of reimports. My friend wants to buy a BMW and is looking for a dealer for BMW EU reimports. Good to know that you don't have to deal with a lot of administrative work when you buy a reimport from a dealer or car dealership and you can even save 25-30 percent.

  2. It is interesting that the reimported car was previously intended for sale outside of Germany. I am currently looking for a nice used car from BMW. I will contact a suitable dealership for BMW reimports from Europe.

  3. Good to know that it is mandatory to have a guarantee certificate. I would like to order a new BMW car from Europe and have it imported. I hope to find a reliable contact person for auto import for this.

  4. Thanks for the tip that it is best to take care of the insurance quickly for reimported cars. I would like to buy a BMW-EU reimport myself next month. Hopefully I will find a suitable dealership in the near future.

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