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Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

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Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

Tuning is a popular means for many drivers to individualize their own vehicle and to keep improving it. For this reason, drivers have their vehicle lowered, built in chip tuning or modified the exhaust system, for example. However, there is one extremely important thing to consider with such tuning measures: Insurance coverage. This can be partially or even completely lost under certain circumstances. The police are happy to carry out checks in this regard, especially on weekends when there is a lot going on on the streets. It can be too Forced shutdowns certain vehicles come if they are no longer compliant with the vehicle documents. The consequences that can result from this are usually the Towing costs, a fine and points in Flensburg.

no insurance without an operating license

Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

However, a violation of the StVZO & StVO exist. Often it also happens that tuners have made some changes to the vehicle Gray area are located. But the changes can result in the expiry of the operating license. And if the operating license is no longer valid, the insurance cover is also lost - regardless of whether it is a liability or comprehensive insurance. In order to restore the operating license and insurance cover, the vehicle must first be presented to a testing organization and accepted.

Individual insurance required for tuning!

Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

Things that you change in your vehicle must be entered in the vehicle documents, if none ABE is there or a ECE test (ECE / Economic Commission for Europe) can be seen on the component. The ECE mark is a capital E in a circle plus ECE test number. However, the changes are often not covered by ABE or E identification. This is the case, for example, when the engine output is increased or when wheel and tire combinations are fitted that have not been approved by the manufacturer. What many do not know: Even supposed little things such as a missing battery cover can become a problem in the event of an inspection.
To avoid annoyance, many optional components such as a rear spoiler have a so-called EC type approval or at least one Teilegutachten, which should definitely be carried in order to be on the safe side during a check. The latter, however, is only suitable for one modification acceptance to be able to perform. Once the component is installed, acceptance must take place immediately.

Insurance must be informed

The insurance company must be informed of the changes to the vehicle. If you carry out tuning measures on your vehicle, the vehicle no longer corresponds to the vehicle that corresponds to the type list of the insurance company. This means that the insurance company has to re-determine the insurance coverage, which many insurance companies reject. Because not every insurer is willing to make this effort. Tuning insurance is special and individual. The insurer must decide on a case-by-case basis whether and what it is willing to insure for the modifications made. For example, if you leave the rims Gild, then the insurance does not have to reimburse the value of the wheels in the event of damage. So in the worst case scenario, you might have to change insurance. Advice from an insurance broker who specializes in tuning insurance is recommended here.

In summary, everything about tuning insurance:

  • not every insurance company insures tuned vehicles
  • Tuning can increase the insurance premium (attached parts are then insured)
  • structural changes must be reported to the insurance company
  • if accessories are not permitted, you risk them approval of the vehicle
  • Changes to the Power can lead to the vehicle liability insurance in a higher type class classifies (Insurance premium increases)
  • a Risk surcharge for a tuned vehicle is possible
  • if the value of the vehicle increases, it often also increases Contribution to comprehensive insurance
  • Not reporting autotuning may lead to Expiration of insurance coverageif tuning was a cause of the accident (Motor vehicle liability insurance pays, but can take recourse against the insured and demand up to 5.000 euros back), the comprehensive insurance may Reduce performance, Termination of contract or Additional premium claims are possible
  • For example: illegal chip tuning (without approval and registration) leads to Expiry of the operating license and the Insurance ends automatically
  • expensive things like a hi-fi system or new rims are often even insured without premium. But it has to be reported beforehand. Very expensive tuning parts usually increase the comprehensive premium
  • What Deadlines for reporting in the event of an accident that can be found in our article "When should the insurance company inform about a claim?“Read.

Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

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Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

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Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

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Tuning may endanger insurance coverage!

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