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Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

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Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

Where does the legality of tuning end? And what about the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) actually regulated? These questions are more and more important in times of increasing police checks. Especially since the topic of legal tuning is becoming increasingly important for many vehicle owners. Because having your own vehicle modified illegally ensures that you will quickly be targeted by the law enforcement officers. It doesn't have to be. We at tuningblog explain to you how you can tune your vehicle in compliance with the StVZO. But also how best to behave in the event of a police check.

Proper tuning at a glance!

Proper tuning: This should be taken into accountWho is only interested in very specific areas around the topic proper tuning iIf you are interested, you can use the following jump labels to navigate directly to the desired topic with just one click. And just as quickly you can return to this overview from the selected menu item with just one click. However, we recommend our readers to always read through the entire article. Some menu items are only really comprehensible and understandable once the complete information article has been read.

  1. What's the problem with tuning?
  2. What reports are there?
  3. The general operating permit
  4. The parts report
  5. The strength report
  6. The material report
  7. E-mark
  8. What should I watch out for during a police check?
  9. Can the police search my car?
  10. How does legal tuning work?
  11. What should you consider when installing?
  12. Legal tuning is possible

What's the problem with tuning?

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

Some tuning parts can be potentially dangerous for other road users or for yourself. If this is the case, it affects the registration of the vehicle. In Germany, the Road Traffic Licensing Ordinance (StVZO) regulates what is legal and what is not. If the basic components of the vehicle are modified, such as the chassis or the wheelsets, the intervention is deemed to be massiv. And as such, he can have an influence on the approval. In such a case it is essential to have an officially recognized one Test organization to seek out. However, there are many exceptions. The fact that many tuning parts come with different documents can justifiably cause confusion. Back to overview

What reports are there?

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

The documents that may come with a tuning part initially convey a deceptive feeling of security. That may or may not be true. Because in some cases these attached reports are simply a piece of printed paper with no significant legal validity. Test certificates and reports can be roughly divided as follows: Back to overview

  1. General operating permit (more about the ABE)
  2. Teilegutachten (more about the parts certificate)
  3. Strength report (more about the strength report)
  4. Material report (more about the material report)
  5. E-mark (more about the E-mark)

Each of these test certificates or reports regulates different issues.

The general operating permit

  • The general operating permit (ABE) is a popular certificate in the scene. It says that no approval by the TÜV is required for the attachment of a tuning part. Since no entry is required in the vehicle documents, the corresponding ABE must be carried in the vehicle. Alternatively, an entry in the papers is possible. Back to overview

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

The parts report

  • The parts certificate is different from the ABE. Because the parts certificate only confirms that the necessary safety criteria for use on the vehicle are met by the tuning part. The TÜV, KüS or DEKRA, on the other hand, must confirm that the installation has been carried out properly. Back to overview

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

The strength report

  • The strength report provides information about the strength of the material used. Whether the tuning part is actually permissible has to be decided by individual acceptance according to Paragraph 21 StVZO. Because installing such a tuning part will invalidate the vehicle's ABE. Back to overview

The material report

  • The material certificate certifies which material was used for the tuning part. The same applies here as for the strength report. Namely that an individual acceptance (more about change acceptance) is required by the relevant body. Back to overview

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account


  • The E-mark means that the tuning part can be handled like a commercially available spare part. That means it can be installed without any problems. However, it is necessary that the test mark is visibly attached to the component. Back to overview

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

What should I watch out for during a police check?

Getting into a police check sooner or later can hardly be avoided. This can be a stationary check or a chance encounter with the law enforcement officer. If the vehicle is noticeably modified, it is automatically targeted. The most important rule here is to keep calm. You should also respond in a friendly manner. The cops are just doing their job, after all. It is also important to cooperate. If necessary, beyond the prescribed level. Presenting a driver's license (more on Driving license & driving license) and vehicle papers are a matter of course.

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

It also makes sense to work with law enforcement. Because on the part of the law there is a certain leeway when it comes to offenses goes. So if grace is hoped, one should act accordingly. In most cases, a Assurance of the vehicle can be avoided if one cooperates beyond the prescribed minimum. Because security is one thing above all: expensive (more about illegal tuning) Lies a illegal tuning before, it may be advisable in individual cases to grant this on site. Back to overview

Can the police search my car?

The police are allowed during a traffic control neither the glove box nor the interior of the vehicle browse unless there is one specific occasion to. A good reason would be suspicion Drugs at the wheel. A suspicion arises, for example, if there is a smell of cannabis from inside the vehicle. Another reason is when the traffic control takes place at a hotspot. In other words, in a place where a lot of crimes are usually committed. Back to overview

How does legal tuning work?

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

The early involvement of an officially recognized testing organization is the safest way. Because the professionals know what is legal and what is not. This avoids nasty surprises during vehicle demonstrations or police checks. When buying tuning parts, you should pay attention to whether they are free of registration or at least capable of being registered. If the tuning part was particularly cheap, caution is usually required. In some cases, low-cost providers do not shy away from falsified reports or ABEs. It is safer to use tuning parts from the manufacturer or from well-known suppliers. If you are not sure, a call to a testing organization and many of them will help Automotive & Tuning Forums can give an answer. Back to overview

What should you consider when installing?

It is also important to note discord the professional installation. If the tuning parts cannot be installed properly yourself, professional help should be sought. If the product is not installed properly, it will not be accepted by the testing organization. Back to overview

Legal tuning is possible

And finally ... Legal tuning is possible. What is possible, however, is determined by the StVZO. The recognized test centers offer assistance with all tuning projects. If in doubt, a specialist should always be consulted. If this advice is followed, the police check will be passed quickly and easily. Back to overview

Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

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Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

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Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

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Proper tuning: This should be taken into account

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