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More power with a single throttle injection system!

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Single throttle system racing injection tuning throttle valve More power with a single throttle injection system!

Individual throttle systems are often used in racing. The vehicle parts are also called racing injections and are the successors to the double carburetor systems. The engine should be optimally ventilated with a single throttle system. Individual throttle systems do not have a central throttle valve like conventional intake systems. The effectiveness of the systems is ensured by using one throttle valve per cylinder. The subject of the single throttle system is discussed in more detail below.

Single throttle system

Single throttle system racing injection tuning throttle valve 3 e1598516298438 More power with a single throttle injection system!

Instead of one throttle valve for all cylinders, an individual throttle system relies on one throttle valve per cylinder. The property of the complex was also eponymous. While the cylinders of conventional systems have to suck in the air through a throttle valve, an optimal air intake is achieved with single throttle systems. Optimal cylinder filling is not only guaranteed by a throttle valve per cylinder, but also by an injection valve per cylinder. This enables optimal cylinder filling over the entire engine speed range.

Single throttle system - high liter output possible

Single throttle system racing injection tuning throttle valve 4 e1598516371554 More power with a single throttle injection system!

The installation of a single throttle system also enables the installation of sharper, better ones camshafts. Thanks to the individual throttle system, it runs smoothly despite the sharper camshaft. If you want to achieve high performance, you can use sharper camshafts in addition to a single throttle system.

Uniform air-fuel mixture through a single throttle system

The advantage of the single throttle system lies in the identical lengths of the suction pipes. The same conditions prevail in each cylinder, which improves the fuel mixing with the air and makes it more uniform. The evenly distributed air-fuel mixture ensures better combustion. This in turn leads to an improvement in the area of ​​fuel consumption.

Further advantages of a single throttle system

The installation of a single throttle system usually means that the pollutant class classification can be retained. Furthermore, the vehicle runs clean and quiet. The vehicle parts, such as electronic actuators and sensors, remain unaffected by the installation and can be retained. This applies, for example, to the throttle valve potentiometer for the Air flow sensor, the idle control valve and also the Injectors. As a disadvantage, it should be noted that the error rate is increased by the individual chokes and, of course, higher costs must be budgeted for.

What to look for when buying?

Individual throttle systems are mainly used in motorsport and it should be clarified before buying and installing whether the systems are intended for road traffic and are approved for the respective vehicle. Variants are commercially available that are intended for motorsport and kits that have been developed for the road are available for purchase. It should be noted, however, before buying from TÜV or Dekra and to clarify the legal situation with the road traffic authority. Just because an internet shop says that the installation kit is intended for the road does not mean that installation and driving on the road are permitted.

What should you watch out for when converting?

If you want to install a single throttle system (e.g. from DBilas) in your vehicle, you have to adapt the engine electronics after the conversion. The assembly of the individual throttle system should be as simple as possible and the pollutant classification should be retained. Otherwise the approval process will be tight. For example, models made of high-quality aluminum are available in stores. The installation of a single throttle system should not require engine intervention or reduce engine life. In addition to simple installation, optics are important in the tuning area. Individual throttle systems are also available in a sporty carbon look. In general, a single choke should use modification acceptance registrable be. Finally, there are also series vehicles with EDK. However, a closed air collector is required. A kind of report for the (series) engine should also be included. Particularly important is the note that the exhaust gas behavior etc. does not deteriorate.

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