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Paddles Shift Paddle Shift Paddle Tuning racing in your own vehicle paddles tuning

Who wants to bring his vehicle closer to racing in the interior, can easily and quickly replace his small and often made of plastic factory-shift paddles by tuning paddles. Tuning shift paddles, or shift paddle called, are available as accessories from third-party suppliers for almost all popular vehicles of different manufacturers. There are almost no limits to tuning in the field of shift paddles. Tuning shift paddles are available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials in the market. But there are not just optical reasons for the shift paddles tuning. The vehicle manufacturers incorporate into the models with DSG rocker switch standard rockers, which should allow the best possible comfort and the best function. But every person is different and has their own well-being for functionality, ergonomics and comfort. Besides, our hands are not all the same size.

Racing feeling with paddles

Paddles Shift Paddle Shift Paddle Tuning 2 racing in your own vehicle paddles tuning

When sportive driving feeling is to be added, dissatisfaction with the standard shift paddles of the vehicle manufacturer often arises. The tuning market has recognized this problem and offers the solution here. Shift paddles for retrofitting or retrofitting are available on the market for many manufacturers and models. Tuning shift paddles are available in various designs on the market. Whether as a purely optical eye-catcher on the steering wheel or as a handy race rocker, every driver has to decide for himself, which fits better to their own senses. Other advantages of the tuning rockers, these are in larger version than is the case with most standard rockers of the manufacturer. Thus, in addition to the tuning aspect of the higher ride comfort and even greater safety is given to the driver. Larger shift paddles guarantee a safe gear shift and both hands are safely on the steering wheel. But even with the shift paddles tuning caution is required.

Pay attention to good quality & approval of the rockers

Paddles Shift Paddle Shift Paddle Tuning 3 racing in your own vehicle paddles tuning

As with all areas of automotive accessories parts are also in the tuning shift paddles provider on the market, which bring inferior specimens without registration on the market. Best before inquire exactly whether the offered rockers really fit the vehicle. Even with the choice of materials, there are no limits. Most commonly, carbon or aluminum specimens are available on the market. Even the color choice leaves hardly a wish unfulfilled. In the specialized trade everyone is advised individually to his wishes. Tuning shift paddles can be found for the most varied vehicle models at the following providers: Overdrive Racing, H - Customs, Keenso, 3D Design and many more. The listing is not a complete list, there are countless providers of tuning paddles.

Shift paddles extension as an eye-catcher

Paddles Shift Paddle Shift Paddle Tuning 4 racing in your own vehicle paddles tuning

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Tip: Dirt trap as splash and dirt protection

Dirt Flaps Dirtf% C3% A4nger Tuning 310x165 Racing in your own vehicle Shift paddles Tuning

Avoid scratches with a door edge protection at the car

T% C3% BCr edge protection Impact protection Sto% C3% 9Fschutz Autot% C3% BCr Tuning e1562217198394 310x165 Racing in own vehicle Gearshift tuning

The Wirbulator: accessory with questionable use

Wirbulator hood deflector wind deflector tuning e1562222216583 310x165 racing in your own vehicle paddles tuning

Less noise with a sunroof wind deflector

Sunroof Wind deflector Rain deflector Roof deflector Tuning 4 310x165 Racing in own vehicle Shifters Tuning

Paint protection for the rear apron with a bumper protection

Loading sill protection Sto% C3% 9Fstangenschutz Hecksch% C3% BCrzenschutz Tuning 310x165 racing in your own vehicle paddles tuning

Not just for classic cars - The sunshade on the car

Sunshade sun visor tuning 310x165 racing in your own vehicle paddle shifters tuning

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