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There are modules for customizing the speedometer that are legitimate under certain conditions. Illegal speedometer manipulations will not be carried out by a serious tuning workshop. But we would like the widespread and very general statement that "Modules for adjusting the speedometer are prohibited " question a little. The adjustment of the speedometer doesn’t have to relate only to the mileage.

Speedometer fraud Reset speedometer
that is of course forbidden - fraud

Modules for adaptation of the speedometer under legally permissible conditions

If a vehicle is tuned with new wheels and they have a different wheel diameter than the originally installed wheels, the speedometer adjustment is legally required. The tachometer indicates a different speed when changing the tire diameter - too small for a larger outside diameter. That is not allowed according to the StVZO. The workshop has to correct it and uses modules for the adaptation of the speedometer. Even too high a speed with a smaller tire outside diameter may not show the speedometer. The maximum of a "procedure" is the legislature with 10%. Also in this case, a readjustment is necessary. By the way, the tachometer is not allowed to run after in any case! The tachometer stores the k-value, which refers to the tire diameter. The workshop adjusts these to the new diameter using the tachometer adjustment modules. The k-value converts the wheel revolutions into the current speed. The mileage is also adjusted so that the tachometer indicates the correct mileage.

Module Tachometer Tachomanipulation Tuning
such a setup definitely requires an adaptation of the speedometer

Other legitimate reasons for a speedometer adjustment

There are several reasons why a speedometer needs to be readjusted. In recent years, these have been partially declared by court order to be lawful:

  • After an electrical failure, the speedometer may have failed over a longer distance and must then be readjusted.
  • Even by a short-term overvoltage - for example, by the quick charge of the empty battery - the speedometer can be adjusted.
  • Another reason for the failure of the speedometer can be damage to the vehicle - including theft or vandalism. Some of the damage leads to inconsistencies in vehicle electronics.
  • When replacing a faulty speedometer, the new speedometer must maintain the correct mileage - regardless of whether the replacement speedometer is new or comes from the spare part production and indicates a completely different mileage.
  • Motor vehicle dealers can also make mistakes with their diagnostic devices which influence the speedometer reading. The case is very rare, but when it does occur, a garage needs to readjust the odometer reading because dealers usually do not have the tachometer adjustment modules.

When is a speedometer adjustment illegal?

Anyone who uses modules to adapt the tachometer to fake a lower mileage in a used car is acting illegally. A reputable workshop does not do this, private individuals generally do not have the modules for adapting the speedometer. Therefore, the case is much less common than is commonly claimed. But this report from Spiegel TV shows that it is feasible and can become a method. (Other terms: tachometer adjustment, tachometer adjustment, tachometer adjustment, tachometer adjustment, tachometer adjustment)

Resetting the speedometer is not a trivial offense:

  • almost every third used car has an improved mileage
  • In Germany, this results in damage of around 6 to 7 million euros per year
  • According to Paragraph 22 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG) - odometer manipulation is Misuse of odometers and speed limiters - criminal act (The consequences are a fine or up to 1 year in prison)
  • the safest method is an examination by a professional, the mileage is often saved in other locations (electronic ignition locks or control devices), an expert can evaluate the data and point out irregularities
  • Acquisition of the necessary devices for resetting the speedometer is legal (Devices cost from around 100 euros upwards)
  • Odometer manipulation takes place in seconds (It is not necessary to remove components, the device is plugged into the diagnostic socket in the car). However, if the fraudsters have manipulated all values ​​and not just the speedometer, this measure does not show any success.
  • How can the layman recognize the manipulated speedometer?
    - do signs of wear and tear match the mileage?
    - Do the papers, TÜV and HU documents, service booklet match the speedometer?
    - Are the data on the oil label in the engine compartment identical to the information about the next oil change?

Speedometer rings tuning flanging 4

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