Maxchip chip tuning - maximum performance, minimum consumption.

Maxchip KI Chiptuning Boost Vehicle change Maxchip Chiptuning - maximum performance, minimum consumption.


Even today, many car fans do not want to do without power and torque, even if the engines follow the downsizing trend and have increasingly smaller cubic capacities. This is not a problem, however, because the small-volume turbo motors can be ideally pushed to increase performance and torque by chip tuning. Especially for cars with small turbo engines, which are becoming more and more popular these days because they use little fuel and emit little CO2, it is always worthwhile to get more power out of the unit with chip tuning. The increase in output, which is on average between 20 and 30 percent, is usually very clearly noticeable, especially with less powerful, turbo gasoline and turbo diesel. The same naturally also applies to larger engines. The effect with a smaller motor is often only greater. When changing vehicles, however, the problem often arises that the tuning box can no longer be used or must be reprogrammed, since it has been optimized for the engine control of the original vehicle.

new car = no cost

Maxchip KI Chiptuning Boost vehicle change 1 Maxchip Chiptuning - maximum performance, minimum consumption.

However, with the new Maxchip system, which is chip tuning with AI technology, tedious reprogramming when changing vehicles is a thing of the past, because with this technology, the Maxchip-Box can be installed and removed easily without losing yours Functionality loses or changes so that the engine is damaged. There are also ten different fine-tuning settings available, which can be easily controlled via an app on the smartphone. This means that each individual customer can generate their optimal setting that corresponds to their preferred driving style. There is also a warm-up timer that protects the engine in winter and when starting cold, which is why it is no problem to start the chip-tuned car optimally even in frosty temperatures. Another major advantage of the Maxchip system is the reduction in consumption and CO2 by up to 15 percent.

Chip tuning for diesel or gasoline

Regardless of whether you drive a diesel or petrol engine, the Maxchip engine tuning is available for both types of fuel and also for every type of transmission and the costs will pay for themselves in just a few months, depending on the mileage. This means that not only do you have more power available, which can even be increased at short notice using the boost function, for example to complete an overtaking process more quickly, but also save money as soon as you save fuel decides to bring your new Maxchip system into the car to combine driving pleasure with a green conscience. And unlike some of its competitors, Maxchip can also claim that they actually achieve a performance increase of up to 30%. Independent tests with corresponding competing products prove this impressively. The Maxchip AI chip tuning INCLUDED MOTOR WARRANTY (depending on the model between 1 and 5 years) As a tuning fan, you should take a closer look, because in today's world, where fuel prices are rising and the environmental debate is in full swing, you can still enjoy driving without feeling guilty have to. With Maxchip, an ecological conscience and fun driving can be combined and the piggy bank also enjoys it. For more information about the system, go to

The most important details summarized:

  • Performance increase for almost all vehicle types
  • all performance improvements have been extensively tested
  • Chip tuning for diesel and petrol engines and for every type of transmission
  • MAPS SELECTABLE (depending on the model between 6 and 10 maps)
  • including engine warranty (between 1 and 5 years)
  • up to 15% SAVINGS SAVINGS with the same driving style
  • Performance increases of up to 30%
  • APP CONTROL included
  • Box adapts to the car using artificial intelligence without manual programming

Burnout instructions Cavalierstart Maxchip Chiptuning - maximum performance, minimum consumption.

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Maxchip chip tuning - maximum performance, minimum consumption.

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