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Manual and effective - the pedal lock for the vehicle!

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Pedal lock Pedal claw Auto clutch lock 1 Manually and effectively the pedal lock for the vehicle!

A Pedal lock is a vehicle by default can not be fitted. A pedal lock is easy, however retrofit. With the help of a pedal lock you can with just one click the vehicle can be effectively protected from thieves. It is a mechanical immobilizer. The immobilizer removes the clutch and brake pedals mechanically blocked. This not only makes driving away the vehicle impossible, but also that Disengage and a possible one initiated by hand Push away of the vehicle. Such a mechanical immobilizer is built in easily and quickly, whereby it deals with the right key can be solved just as quickly. The pedal lock itself is also simply built in - one click is all it takes.

Theft protection in a class of its own

The pedal lock is - if you like - a top class anti-theft device. This is proven by the signal color in which a pedal lock is painted. For car thieves, the pedal lock is immediately visible and, above all, should deterrent Act. That means, thieves shouldn't even get the idea of ​​a vehicle break up. The pedal lock is here not firmly in the vehicle Installed. That means the pedal lock can be in multiple vehicles can be used alternately as an effective anti-theft device. Compared to a conventional and bulky Denver boot the pedal lock offers a comfortable safeguard against vehicle theft. There are differences in terms of the pedal lock for vehicles Manual transmission and the pedal lock with automatic transmission. The differences between the two variants are minimal. Installing or attaching the pedal lock is done quickly in both cases. It is basically a cover that and before the factory pedals (Accelerator pedal, clutch pedal, brake pedal) is mounted. The original pedals must of course be used for this purpose can not be get extended. That means nothing changes on the vehicle.

Pedal lock Pedal claw Auto clutch lock 3 Manually and effectively the pedal lock for the vehicle!

Pedal lock and steering wheel lock in combination

Some manufacturers offer the Pedal lock and additionally one steering wheel lock as a combination. These are models which extend from the steering wheel to the footwell to the pedals. These devices are anchored on both sides. In this way, the vehicle owner can take advantage of both variants mechanical immobilizers benefit.

Disadvantage: A pedal lock protects, of course can not be before the theft on Navigation system (Head unit), dated Catalyst and other individual parts such as rims etc. If the vehicle is parked in a very remote location, the pedal lock or the steering wheel lock can be quickly overcome with a battery-flex. So you just should in combination with other protective devices like an electronic one immobilizer or a Alarm Upgrade Volumetric & Tilt Sensors be used.

Conclusion on the pedal lock for the vehicle

Basically there is a pedal lock in the footwell of the vehicle anchored to the pedals. The pedals are thereby blockedwhat makes moving the vehicle no longer possible. Both Pedal locks There are two different versions - one model, which is for use in vehicles with a manual transmission are provided and those for automatic transmission. The versions for vehicles with a manual transmission have two steel shacklesof which that brake pedal and on the other hand the Clutch are enclosed. The automatic transmission models have a steel shackle, the the brake pedal encloses.

Pedal lock Pedal claw Auto clutch lock Manually and effectively the pedal lock for the vehicle!

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Pedal lock Pedal claw Auto clutch lock 4 Manually and effectively the pedal lock for the vehicle!

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